Google expands Fast Pair to more devices, Chromebook users to get quicker setup –

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US tech giants Google It has announced several Android updates aimed at providing convenience to users, including the expansion of Fast Pair on Chromebooks, TVs and smart home devices. Google announced that the headphones will be able to automatically switch audio from Android devices to tablets.

The company has also announced an accelerated Chromebook setup with Android phones, while Wear OS-based smartwatches will now be able to unlock Chromebooks and Android devices.

Fast Pair has been a common feature for Android phones since 2017 and allows users to quickly connect Bluetooth headphones. The proprietary standard is targeted at Apple’s Quick Connect technology. Google now plans to expand fast pairing to new devices by tying up with manufacturers.

Google said that in a few weeks, users will be able to automatically connect to Chromebooks in a single click after turning on their fast pairing-enabled Bluetooth headphones. Fast Pair will also work with Android TV- or Google TV-based smart TVs.

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Smart home devices made by Matter will get fast pair support in a few weeks, giving instant connectivity to Google Home and its accompanying apps.

The Fast Pair feature will also be extended to Windows PCs for users to quickly sync text messages, set up Bluetooth accessories, and share files using Near Share. The updates will be available on HP, Acer and Intel systems later this year. Microsoft Your Phone app is already available for Android users to access messages and notifications on Windows PC.

The company, which owns Alphabet, has also revealed that it is developing technology for Bluetooth-enabled headphones to automatically switch audio to the listening device.

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In addition, Google is bringing local audio support to Android-compatible headphones. This feature will enable the headphones to optimize the sound based on head movements. Apple has long supported local audio on its devices.

In another announcement, Google said that users will be able to quickly set up a new Chromebook using their Android phone and access information like Google login and WiFi password without having to manually enter the new hardware.

Google will also enable a feature via the added Wear OS smartwatch to unlock Chromebooks and Android phones or tablets, similar to the ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature it introduced last year.

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