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The Commercial Federation of Córdoba (Fedecom) reported this Thursday that retail sales of items related to the celebration of the visit of the Magi increased 8.3% compared to the same date the previous year. Last year, at the height of the pandemic and while living the economic consequences of, sales had suffered a drop of 1.2 percent compared to 2020.

“The recovery in sales has been consolidating and that fills us with expectations,” said the Secretary General of Fedecom, Cecilia Pérez Contreras. To this, he added: “Especially in this instance in which a summer season is beginning that seems to be very auspicious for Córdoba,” he added.

The ten items surveyed by the entity exhibited positive results in terms of year-on-year variation in terms of the quantities sold:

  • -Footwear 12.3%;
  • -Sports articles and clothing 11.8%;
  • -Toys and vehicles 10.9%;
  • -Books for children and adolescents 8.5%;
  • -Videogames, consoles and accessories 7.8%.
  • -Musical instruments 7.2%;
  • -Perfumery 7.1%;
  • -Computer, electronic and cellular articles 4.7%;
  • – Clothing and underwear 4.3%;
  • -School supplies and accessories 3.5%;

The average ticket value was $ 2,350 for this celebration. Furthermore, 65% of the operations were carried out with credit cards and the remaining 35% in cash and debit cards.

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Before the celebration, the mobile of La Mañana del C passed by a Cordoba toy store, where the seller indicated that sales on Three Kings Day are lower than those of Christmas, and that prices have not changed in the last two weeks: “We have decided not to increase prices from October for the Holidays, because we understand the situation of the people, and that makes it difficult to give or get what one wants. ” Look at the note:

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