Patients in Tigray die due to lack of medicine

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Doctors in Tigray, Ethiopia, said in a statement on Tuesday that patients were dying of incurable diseases due to the shortage of medical equipment and medicines in Tigray.

Doctors at the region’s largest Ayder Referral Hospital said the shortage of medical equipment such as equipment, intravenous fluids and oxygen had cost patients their lives.

Doctors in the Tigray capital, Mekelle, said in a statement that it was “absolutely impossible” to provide surgery and related medical care in the past six months due to a shortage of supplies.

As a result, children in need of brain surgery will die, people with treatable cancer will be deprived of their rights, and people with fractures will be forced to stay inactive. ” They said.

According to Reuters, the hospital’s doctors reported 117 deaths and a number of complications, including infectious diseases, amputation, and kidney failure.

According to a senior doctor, 80 to 90 percent of Tigray Hospital clinics are not operating.

Ethiopia’s Minister of Communications, Legesse Tulu, said the TPLF had looted medicines and medical equipment from several hospitals and 100 health centers before forcing them out of the region. He denies the TPLF, blaming the government for the shortcomings.


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