10 and 11 doses know how much risk in overdose of corona vaccine. 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 doses, know how much risk in overdose of corona vaccine

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Experts have considered it dangerous. He says that his life is in danger because of taking more doses of the vaccine and he should immediately go to the medical observation.



Corona vaccine overdose (Photo Credit: News Nation)


  • There is currently no opinion on the booster dose of corona vaccine worldwide
  • Mandal used to change mobile numbers and take doses of corona vaccine
  • If you have taken multiple doses of the vaccine, then it is advisable to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

New Delhi:

Amidst the havoc of Coronavirus, many cases of taking more than the prescribed dose of vaccine have started coming to the fore. In New Zealand, there is news of an 84-year-old man taking corona vaccine 10 times in 24 hours in exchange for others in New Zealand and 11 times in Bihar. At present, an opinion has not been formed on the booster dose of corona vaccine worldwide. Meanwhile, such a heart-wrenching example has come to light. Experts have considered it dangerous. He says that his life is in danger because of taking more doses of the vaccine and he should immediately go to the medical observation.

According to reports, 84-year-old Brahmadev Mandal, who lives in Aurai village of Puraini block in Bihar’s Madhepura district, took the corona vaccine 11 times at different places in the last 10 months. When Chausa went to the center to take the 12th dose, people recognized him. After this the matter was exposed. They used to take doses of vaccine by changing mobile numbers. Brahmadev Mandal, who has worked as a rural doctor for a long time, says that after taking the vaccine, his knee pain has reduced. That’s why he took so many vaccines. The civil surgeon said it was against the rules. An inquiry has been ordered into the matter.

Indore case before Bihar

BK On December 29, a woman was stopped from boarding an Air India flight to Dubai after she was found to be corona positive in a test conducted at the Indore airport. This 44-year-old woman living in Dubai had got 4 doses of 2 different vaccines of Kovid-19. Dr Priyanka, Medical Officer of Indore Health Department, told PTI that as per normal rules rapid RT-PCR test is done for people traveling by Indore-Dubai weekly flight. At the same time, news of health workers taking the third dose of corona vaccine was also revealed in Karnataka.

Cases also in Italy and Germany

In May 2021, this 23-year-old woman in Italy was accidentally given 6 doses of the vaccine simultaneously. The hospital nurse had given 6 doses of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine to the woman simultaneously. After this there was a stir in the whole hospital. The woman was sent under the supervision of doctors. Where his life could be saved with great difficulty. Earlier in the year 2020, five doses of corona vaccine were given to 8 people in Germany simultaneously. There was a stir in the health department about that too. Everyone had to be admitted to the hospital. The administration also apologized. However, no statement came out from the vaccine manufacturing companies in this matter.

very worrying situation

On the other hand, for a New Zealand man, the life-saving corona vaccine became a risk to his life. Due to the overdose of corona vaccine, medical experts have given many types of instructions regarding it. This person got 10 doses of corona vaccine in 24 hours. After the news came out, the Health Ministry swung into action and ordered an inquiry. According to reports, money was given to the person for every dose of the vaccine. He had visited many vaccination centers in a day. Astrid Korniff, group manager of the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Vaccination Program, said that this is a very worrying situation and we are in contact with many agencies. If you know of someone who has taken multiple doses of the vaccine, then advise him to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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increased risk of death

Along with this, there has been a debate among the experts around the world regarding the overdose of corona vaccine. In India, ICMR had released a report last year and said that a person had died due to an overdose of corona vaccine. Professor Nikki Turner of Auckland University said that the vaccine being used was made on the basis of preliminary data. It develops strong immunity system in the body. Taking multiple doses of the vaccine is harmful. At present, no specific information is available about what kind of side effects are seen on health. Despite this, it can be clearly said that it is not safe. Overdose of the vaccine has posed a risk to life.

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First Published : 06 Jan 2022, 02:03:14 PM

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