Teacher arrested for injecting student with corona vaccine

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A female teacher has been arrested in the United States for vaccinating a 17-year-old student against coronavirus without her parents’ permission.

According to the report, the teacher could be sentenced to four years in prison for such negligence. According to police officials, the woman was a science teacher but was not medically trained, and she was not allowed to vaccinate anyone.

The administration says that according to the report so far, the student wanted to be vaccinated, after which the teacher gave him a dose of the vaccine at home, where did he administer the vaccine and what was the vaccine? This will be investigated.

It should be noted that in the United States, only Pfizer bio-tech vaccines are allowed for Americans under the age of 18. He also shared a video of the vaccination, in which the teacher was seen saying that he hoped that you would be fine.

After the vaccination, the student went home and told his parents, after which a complaint was lodged. After which the teacher was suspended from school and also arrested.

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The trial of the accused teacher will be held on January 21. If convicted, he could be sentenced to four years in prison.

Experts say that the wrong injection of the corona vaccine can have serious side effects, so only doctors or trained and licensed staff can administer the vaccine.

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