How To Get iPhone Accessories “Free”

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By the way, buying an iPhone is a hobby of the rich, but even if a middle class buys this luxury, maintaining it is tantamount to raising an elephant in itself.

IPhone accessories, such as chargers, cables or headphones, are so expensive that not everyone can afford them.

Now, however, a cost-effective trick for iPhone users has been revealed.

According to TuckTaker, That Turtleneck Guy, there’s a way to replace Apple’s damaged charging cables for free.

There are, however, some conditions that need to be addressed.

“How can you change your iPhone, iPad or MacBook charger from Apple for free,” Tick Tucker said in his video.

“If you still have a warranty on your devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, or MacBook, then Apple is entitled to replace the cables for one year under that warranty,” he said.

So anyone who buys a recent iPhone with a faulty wire in the last 12 months may be lucky.

But there are still other obstacles to keep in mind.


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According to Hip2Save, the charger or cable should not show any visible or physical damage.

For those whose cable is free of physical damage and is clearly not charging properly and is under warranty, you can have it replaced.

To do this, you’ll first need to book a Genius Bar appointment at one of Apple’s stores.

Bring your Apple product, infected cable and your receipt.

Some users have reported that this method works, while others say that it has not.

However, when talking to an Apple customer service representative online, the solution seemed to work, although you will still need to take the cable to the store so that it can be properly checked.

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