Peaceful Entrepreneurs to Humanize Commerce

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A few days ago, several Spanish and international media published the news of the Mallorcan businessman who distributed one million euros to his workers for Christmas.

It is a joyful and beautiful Christmas story that deserves to be highlighted, not only for the joy of the employees at receiving the award, but also for the lessons we can learn from it, knowing that the Moroccan businessman and founder of the Ok Mobility company, Othman Ktiri, wanted to thank with this distribution the commitment, dedication and loyalty of its employees, after the company increased its profits by 60% compared to the 2019 figures.

Seen from another perspective, what Ktiri did with this award was to put herself in the shoes of her workers, listen to them and feel them. This is called recognition, which is key to business success as it emphasizes the ability of the employer to understand the thoughts and needs of their workers and also of customers and other entrepreneurs.
This is not all, as recognition always leads to empowerment. By recognizing the effort and loyalty of employees, Ktiri has allowed them to be empowered people who are aware of their value and their role in the company where they work and in society.

Of course, empowerment and mutual recognition contribute not only to improving labor relations between boss and employees, but also commercial relations between companies and clients, giving more importance to people, their feelings and needs. Therefore, Human relations are important in the business world, both within the same company and with other national and foreign companies. Investment in the human side of the business is necessary for any lasting and sustainable business success. Investing in trust, happiness and love is investing in the commercial peace that puts the human being first of all at the center of the attention of entrepreneurs.

Ktiri’s words: “Seeing the OKteam family in front of me so happy and cheerful has caused, without a doubt, that the happiest person has been and continues to be me”, show that sowing love and happiness in the business world leads to reaping happiness and human and economic gains.

Nowadays, we need peaceful businessmen, who love and practice peace in their business dealings. A peaceful businessman is a person who loves and wishes for his workers, other employers and his clients what he loves and wishes for himself. With entrepreneurs like this, who do not only seek economic gains, but also human ones, we will come to humanize commerce so that it is a bridge between people and a space for meeting and dialogue between cultures, and, why not, an area of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.

To humanize commerce is to give it a human touch, to give prominence to the people behind companies, to value the human and not only the material in commercial relations and to practice the diplomacy of hearts Heart Diplomacy, which aims for all parties to cover their needs through the use of tools such as recognition and empowerment. From my experience as a representative of ProChile in Morocco, An institution from which I have learned a lot, I can confirm that sustainable and long-lasting business relationships feed on the human factor, and that feelings and emotions are important elements that guarantee success in the business world.

Finally, in times of economic crisis, such as the current one created by COVID-19, nothing better to transform it than to give importance to the human being and their creativity and imagination. No crisis can overcome the human imagination as people They have the competencies and capacities to imagine solutions to any crisis and to peacefully transform the economic conflicts that threaten humanity.

Said Bahajin, doctor in international studies of Peace, Conflicts and Development and researcher at the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, Jaume I University, Spain.

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