Delhi Police says the arrest of the mastermind from Jorhat solved the ‘bully bye’ case

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An engineering student is considered to be the “mastermind” and the creator of the “mastermind”Bulli BaiThe app was arrested on Thursday from Jorhat in Assam and brought to the national capital where he confessed his role, Delhi Police said. With the arrest of 21-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi, Delhi The police said in a statement that it has fully resolved the matter related to the listing of hundreds of Muslim women for “auction” on the “Bully Bye” app on the Github platform.

Bishnoi, a Jorhat resident, who studies computer science engineering in Bhopal, is the fourth person to be arrested for his alleged involvement in the app. other three, caught by Mumbai Police, contains a 19-year-old female UttarakhandThe main accused in this case is also being told.

Bishnoi had tweeted a day before his arrest, “You have arrested the wrong person, slumbai cops.”

“Lamao only one man was ever involved and that is me. You pajits arrested that follower with sikh dp which had nothing to do with the app and didn’t tweet anything wrong. Are you a little ashamed? police?” They said.

A Mumbai Police official said that a team from Mumbai was also on its way to arrest Bishnoi, but the flight got delayed due to timing and his Delhi counterpart reached there an hour earlier. The cyber cell would later seek Bishnoi’s custody, the official said.

Later, a court sent Bishnoi to seven-day custody of Delhi Police. bishnoi btech second year student Vellore Institute of Technology In the capital of Madhya Pradesh, the DCP said.


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