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Some of you may be wondering; What is the meaning of (Sugar Daddy)?!

And it is impossible for me to leave you, my loved ones, without knowledge or knowledge, so allow me to speak with you today as a teacher (Tafele of Wellness) and explain and translate to you its meaning in my own way!

sugar daddy; He is the rich and old (feathered) man who spends a lot of money on a young girl who pretends to love and exploits him financially.

This phenomenon has recently spread in a large, striking and frightening way, not only in Arab societies, but throughout the world by (the slaves of money) who are looking for relationships based on (Qarnaqush), interests and matter.

Where the young girl in her age is looking for a rich man over fifty years and more to have a affectionate and ardent (Sugar Daddy) who will compensate her for the material shortage she is experiencing, and she will compensate him for the emotional drought that he is experiencing.

He bears on her behalf all her living expenses, travels her, spoils her, spends on her by the thousands, gifts her watches studded with diamonds, and sparkling rings, and throws them with precious stones, diamonds and pearls.

And if you (cash) on someone (cash on the other), then his gifts will be as heavy as him, as if he gives her a piece of land, or an amount and its amount, or another luxury car model (clouds) her eyes and makes her stick to it more and more for (his pocket) not his heart, because it represents him. Love is actually (from her side)!

A girl who is like this, stupid, loves your pocket, not your heart, and wants your money and not your feelings, and believe me, she will not give you until she takes from you, and when you find (Sugar Daddy) better and heavier than you, and his bank balance (in the al-Alali), the (dog throw) will throw you not. I’m sorry for you.

Although such relationships contaminated with vice and materialism are widespread and their extent is known, but they are no longer exclusively for men, the verse has been reversed and there is also (Sugar Mami)!

And (Al-Shugar Mami) is the old woman, and she is often over fifty years old, and she is the one who spends money on a person in her twenties or thirties who are (semi-men).

And often (barefoot and plucked) looking for a woman to act on him and play the role of a lover, to get attached to him and love him and fall into his nets to marry her and enter the marital nest (a guaranteed guaranteed) and perhaps without a dowry, but only with his effort!

What is shocking and surprising, according to studies, is that there are many men who are affiliated with men looking for this type of (stupid women) to secure his future and enjoy her bounties and live all his life without dignity (on the back of the six)!

After he collects as much money as he can from her, he goes out and has fun and cheats on her with one woman and another on the pretext that she is an old woman and may not be able to meet all his needs.

I know very well that no one will like this article on his head (butha), but I will end it with a Hijazi proverb that says:

(Bare merchandise tells the merchant to wait for me, until the blind of heart comes and buys me).


Salman Sahr

Salman is a journalist at and he deals with Latest News, World News, and Business News. Salman is a very professional and authentic news journalist.

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