Coronavirus Cases Up More Than Three Thousand New Cases Registered In Last 24 Hours

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UP Coronavirus Cases: The speed with which the cases of corona are increasing in Uttar Pradesh has increased everyone’s concern. This time the speed of corona virus is faster than the second web. In the last 24 hours, 3,121 new cases of corona have been reported in the state. Now the total number of active cases of corona in the state has increased to 8,224. The number of active cases of corona in three districts of the state has crossed the figure of one thousand.

The maximum outbreak of corona is being seen in Noida, Lucknow, Ghaziabad and Meerut. In the last 24 hours, maximum 600 new cases have been reported in Noida. At the same time, 408 new cases have been reported in Lucknow, 401 in Meerut, 382 in Ghaziabad, 131 in Agra, 128 in Prayagraj, 126 in Varanasi, 111 in Moradabad. The figures show how the cases of corona are increasing in the state. At present, there are 1,706 active cases in Noida, 1,180 in Ghaziabad and 1,153 in Lucknow.

Take a look at these districts too

In last 24 hours, 85 in Kanpur, 74 in Saharanpur, 63 in Mathura, 57 in Gorakhpur, 50 in Bareilly, 45 in Muzaffarnagar, 38 in Jhansi, 33 in Baghpat, 31 in Bulandshahr, 23 in Aligarh, 21 in Ayodhya, Amroha 20 cases have come to the fore. Hamirpur and Mahoba are the only two districts where there is no active case of corona at present.

DG Health Dr. Vedabrata gave this information

DG Health Dr. Vedabrata said that on the increasing cases of corona in the state, DG Health Dr. Vedabrata said that this time the cases have increased faster than the second wave. But last time there was a shortage of beds, oxygen in the beginning which is not there now. This time there are more than 550 oxygen plants, more than 30,000 oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, liquid oxygen plants in hospitals. In each district, 4-4 community health centers have been identified for Kovid ward. There are enough beds in the state. Cases are high but hospitalizations are less at present. However, it is difficult to say ahead, so be careful, be careful. Covid Appropriate Behavior.

See how corona cases increased in UP in 10 days

  • December 28- Total active cases were 392 with 80 new cases
  • December 29 – Total active cases were 473 with 118 new cases
  • December 30 – Total active cases were 645 with 193 new cases.
  • December 31 – Total active cases were 862 with 251 new cases.
  • January 1 – Total active cases were 1211 with 383 new cases.
  • January 2 – Total active cases were 1725 with 552 new cases
  • January 3 – Total active cases were 2261 with 572 new cases
  • January 4 – Total active cases were 3173 with 992 new cases.
  • 5 January – total active cases were 5158 with 2038 new cases
  • January 6 – Total active cases were 8224 with 3121 new cases

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