26 January Republic Day WhatsApp Status, One Line Quotes in Hindi

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In this article you can read WhatsApp Status and 26 Jan One Line Quotes in Hindi on Republic Day. These are all one line status on Republic Day which you can also share in your other social media.

Republic Day WhatsApp Status, 26 Jan One Line Quotes in Hindi

Friends, the month of January is going on, and soon 26 January is about to come, for which every country devotee is eagerly waiting, this day is celebrated as Republic Day in the year of India.

This is the day on which India got its first name on 26 January 1950. Constitution met. Since then India is celebrating this Republic Day every year as a celebration, Republic Day is known as Republic Day in English, it is the same day, which has a special significance in history.

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Today we have brought for you an article related to Republic Day and in this you will get to see and read the status related to Republic Day, which you can share on your Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. social media But you can share, as well as make an image on DP and put it, and you can give proof of being a patriot. So let’s start guys.

26 January, Republic Day WhatsApp Status, One Line 26 January Desh Bhakti WhatsApp Status in Hindi (2022)

1. We also know how to shake hands, O friend!, and also to uproot, because we Gandhiji And also worships Chandrashekhar Azad… Vande Mataram!! Jai Hind!! Happy Republic Day wishes. ,

2. It is not enough to say that India our Honour, friend, we should fulfill our duty so much that the country should say that we are its pride. Happy Republic Day wishes.

3. If there is a desire to do something in your heart, then decorate the name of Mother India in the gathering of the world. Happy Republic Day wishes.

4. Saare Jahan Se Achcha, Hindustan is ours, we are bubbles of this, this Gulsitan is ours. Happy Republic Day wishes. – Lets salute our nation…. Happy Republic Day 2022

5. If it is a tricolor DP, then put it on, my friend! …, heard! Today is the date to show patriotism. Happy Republic Day wishes.

6. You are my heart, my heartbeat, my life, now you are the identity of my existence, every time I proudly say, O my india countryYou are great Happy Republic Day wishes.

7. Today we have to wake ourselves up again, we have to spin the stick of discipline again, remember the sacrifices of those brave men, because of which we have to enjoy the Republic Day. – Happy Republic Day!

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8. Seen London, saw Paris, and saw Japan, there is nowhere in the whole world, another India. Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day. – 26 January One line WhatsApp Status in Hindi 2022

9. By the sacrifice of the patriots, we have become independent, who are you to ask? So we will proudly say that we are Indians. Happy Republic Day!

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10. Will be proud to be Indian, will celebrate together Democracy The festival of, will defeat the enemies of the country together, will hoist the tricolor at every house. Happy Republic Day!

11. Our life is full of colours……….and I hope this 26th January will add more colors to your life.” Happy Republic Day!

12. Today salute to those, because of whom this day comes, lucky is the mother whose children’s sacrifice is useful for this country. Happy Republic Day. – 26 Jan Republic Day One Line WhatsApp Status in Hindi

13. My shoes are Japanese, trousers are English tani, red cap on head Russian; Still the heart is Indian. Happy Republic Day.

14. We will always remember heroes, this sacrifice is yours, we are dear to our lives, this republic is ours. Happy Republic Day!

15. On the path of justice, show children, this country is yours, you are the leader of tomorrow. JAI HIND… Happy Republic Day 2022

Best Republic Day WhatsApp Status in hindi

16. Do not stop this chariot of victory, do such work today, do this body, this mind, this life, you should do this in the name of the country. Happy Republic Day!

17. Those who climbed up and crucified those who ate bullets on the chest, we bow down to those who lost their country, we salute them. Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day! 2022

18. Hunger, Poverty, Eradicate the helplessness from this earth today, give all the rights to the people of India, let us together celebrate the republic in a new form. Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day!

19. Permission is not taken to be fun, my friend, this is the love of the country, sir, it is not done by asking. – Happy Indian Republic Day!

20. Will stop playing this holi of blood from today, and will remember the lap of the mother who soaked her bodice with her blood. Happy Republic Day!

21. Those who sleep in delusion, there is still time to wake up, live for the country and die for it. – Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day

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22. Let’s remember that sight again today, remember the flame that was in the hearts of the martyrs,

In which freedom had reached the shore by flowing, remember that stream of blood of patriots.

23. Will do every action, O country for you, I have given my heart, I will give my life too, O country for you.

24. “When the dream of martyrs came true……….. Hindustan became independent then………..come salute to these heroes……… because of which India became a republic.”

25. You meet throughout the ages, thousands of lovers, thousands of lovers are available throughout the ages, but not everyone gets a chance to die for the country.

Happy Republic Day Status and Messages in Hindi

26. For this day, the heroes have shed their blood, jump up, countrymen, Republic Day has come again.

27. The republic of India is respected in the whole world, the wonderful glory of India, which has been blooming for decades, by giving respect to all religions, history has been created, so every countrymen have faith in it.

28. Sometimes chill in the cold, sometimes look at the water in the scorching sun, how is the protection of the country, sometimes walk on the border and see.

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29. Keep this thing to the winds, keep the lamps lit with light, which we have protected by giving blood… Keep such tricolor in the heart forever.

30. No government is mine! No, it’s mine! No big name is mine! I am proud of one small thing, I belong to “Hindustan”, and “Hindustan” is mine.

31. If you are not a devotee of the country in which you were born, you have not drank the milk of your mother and no blood of your father. Happy Republic Day.

32. Come hoist the tricolor, let’s unfurl the tricolor, our Republic day Come, dance, dance, celebrate..!

33. When the dream of sacrifice came true, only then the country became independent, today we salute those heroes whose martyrdom made India a republic.

34. Bharat Mata, your saga, your highest glory, bow your head before you, give us all respect to you. Long live Mother India

35. Neither with tongue, nor with eyes, nor with mind, nor with colours, nor with greetings, nor with gifts, Happy 26th January to you directly from the heart.

36. R-Rising

Happy Republic Day 2022

37. Ye Aan tricolor is, this pride is tricolor, desire is tricolor, pride is tricolor, my life is tricolor…..

38. Do not ask from time to time whether we have a story, our identity is only that we are all Hindustani. happy republic day 2022

39. No one can leave our country like this, no one can break our relationship like this, our heart is one, one is our life, India is ours, we are its pride, 26 January Happy Republic Day

40. If you want to swim, then swim in the sea, what is there in the river and canals, if you want to die in love, then die in the country, what is there in dying in someone else’s love.

Republic Day Status and Quotes for WhatsApp and Facebook in Hindi

41. Come out of the temple, come out of the mosque, come out of the churches, go out from the gurudwaras, protect the country from today from the traitors living inside. Happy Republic Day…

42. Language, religion, caste and province are different, we all have one pride, the national flag, the tricolor, the best.

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43. Whose path are you looking for, become a soldier yourself, not right on the border, learn to fight with the storms.

44. Don’t ask about identity, whether we have a story, say with pride that this is our identity, we are Hindustani. happy republic day 2022

45. Freedom from slavery was achieved by giving his sacrifices, Biro had fought by giving his everything,

Today it is the day of independence because of them, and then came the republic, we all should bow our heads on all of them. Happy Republic Day…

46. ​​Identity in the world is the most unique of us, the country will move ahead, this is what we all have decided

47. A friend, today with a new resolve, we do something great, we will live and die for the country – this is what we expect.

48. Let there be respect for the nation, may India remain in every heart, not one or two dates for the country, every breath for mother India.

49. We can sleep peacefully with family….so we can live peacefully…that’s why our jawans die on the border everyday… I salute you, Mother , Jai Hind

50. Baby loves bass, people like traveling abroad, and I like my country.

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