Health Tips, Relax Yourself By Following These Tips After Eating Too Much Food And Tip To Relax Yourself After Overeating

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Tip to Relax Yourself After Overeating: It is advisable to take a good and balanced diet to stay healthy. But sometimes it is seen that whenever the food is made very tasty, then you are not able to control yourself and in such a situation you eat more food than necessary. When this situation occurs, people do not listen to their stomach and mind, just eat more than the taste of the test. After which they feel a feeling of heaviness, bloating in the stomach. At the same time, most people lie down to relax themselves after overeating, but even this does not help them. In such a situation, here we will tell you some easy tips, by adopting which you can get relief from stomach heaviness. Let’s know.

Black salt and lemonade If you have eaten a lot of food and you are having trouble, then after half an hour of eating, mix roasted cumin powder, black salt, and juice of half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and mix it. By consuming it, you will get relief from the heaviness of the stomach.

Eat cucumber- Fiber is found in abundance in cucumber which helps in digesting your food. Therefore, after half an hour of eating, cut the cucumber and eat it.

lukewarm water- Many times, after eating heavy food or fried food, there is a problem of heartburn or acidity. But if you want that there is no such problem after eating heavy food, then in such a situation, you should consume lukewarm water on that day. Doing this will save you from the problem of acidity.

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