The hydrogen-powered car helicopter will soon become a reality

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This image, which seems to be a glimpse of a video game, but such a flying car will soon become a reality.

French company Maka says it plans to test a 65 665,000 hydrogen-powered eco-friendly ‘car helicopter’ on the race track this year.

The speed limit of this car helicopter will be up to 155 miles per hour.

But unlike petrol-powered F1 vehicles, this car helicopter does not emit any carbon dioxide and can be reused completely.

The company hopes that car helicopter racing may replace F-1 racing in the future.

The Maka S11 car helicopter was unveiled on the opening night of the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The car has three low-pitched fans, a chassis made of metal and a frame of carbon, linen and wood.

The ride bears a striking resemblance to the flying cars of the 1995 PlayStation game ‘Wipe Out’. The game featured a scene from the year 2052.

Maka says the car will hit the market by June 2023.

“There are a lot of companies that are working on the same thing,” said Thierry de Buizweliers, chief operating officer.

He added that while most companies are relying on electricity or conventional fossil fuels for automotive fuel, Maka has installed clean-burning hydrogen-based fuel cells, which lengthen flight times and promote green energy. Keep stable

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