The risk of cancer from fog sprays and clothing

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Anti-fogging sprays and clothes that protect the springs from fog can potentially cause you cancer.

Researchers led by Duke University have found that these products may contain carcinogens and polyfluorinated alkaline substances (PFAS).

The team analyzed four of Amazon’s best rated anti-fogging sprays and five anti-fogging fabrics.

Chemical analysis revealed that all nine products contained so-called fluorotoilomer alcohols (FTOHs) and fluorotoilomer ethoxylates (FTEOs).

These are just two of the many types of PFAS that scientists have not been able to say for sure.

However, research suggests that once inhaled or absorbed through the skin, FTOHs can be broken down into other long-lasting and toxic forms of PFAS in the body.

This may include perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA), which has been linked to perfluoroctani sulfonic acid (PFOS) for cancer-like disorders.

The study was conducted by Nicholas Harkert, an environmental scientist at Duke University in North Carolina, and his colleagues.

“Our tests show that the spray contains up to 20.7 mg of PFAS per milliliter solution, which is a very high concentration,” said Dr. Harkert.

The full results of this study are published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters.

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