In the bonfire, kerosene was poured into the sanitizer | In the bonfire, kerosene was poured into the sanitizer

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Some people were heating a bonfire to escape the cold at a dhaba near Birami toll plaza near Sanderao. To intensify the fire, the young man got up to pour kerosene. Accidentally picked up the bottle of sanitizer, as soon as the sanitizer was put, the fire broke out, due to which the young man got badly burnt. He was admitted to the hospital.

According to the information, 18-year-old Soheb Khan son Umaid Khan, a resident of Mehron ki Dhani (Jaisalmer), who came to meet his family members at a tire puncture cabin outside a dhaba near Birami toll plaza, got badly scorched by the fire. He was heating the bonfire to escape the severe cold. He got scorched after accidentally putting the sanitizer in the fire, who is undergoing treatment at Bangar Hospital in Pali.

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