What is the ‘Tech Fog’ app that is harassing critics to increase the popularity of BJP?

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Sources alleged that his alleged handler Dewang Dua decided to come forward after his promise was not fulfilled. (Photo: DNA India)



India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been revealed to be using a secret app to increase its popularity and harass its critics.
According to the Indian News website The Wire, in April last year, an anonymous Twitter account claimed to be a dissatisfied employee of the BJP’s IT cell and claimed the existence of a highly sophisticated and secretive app called ‘ Tech Fog.
The allegations allege that the BJP used the app to increase the party’s popularity, harass critics and give a certain direction to mass public opinion on all major social media platforms.
The anonymous Twitter account was told that the app had the ability to ‘bypass captcha codes’, allowing employees to auto-upload text and hashtag trends on it.
This drew the attention of The Wire and they reached out to the person running the Twitter account to find out the truth about this unknown app.
He claimed that his daily activities included hacking Twitter’s trending section through specific hashtags, creating and running various WhatsApp groups linked to the BJP and criticizing the BJP through the ‘Tech Fog’ app. This includes harassing journalists online.
He claimed that his alleged handler was Dewang Dwivedi, former national social media and IT chief of the BJP’s youth wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and the party’s current election manager in Maharashtra. Decided to come forward after the promise made with him was not fulfilled.
“Dewang Doe promised to give him a good job if he wins the BJP’s Lok Sabha elections in 2018, which he did not fulfill.”
Over the next two years there was a long process of negotiation, with The Wire’s team examining what could and could not be confirmed in the allegations made by Whistleblower. ۔
In addition, the existence of such an app was also discussed in the public forum discussions and the overall impact on the sanctity of the democratic process in the country.
Through this process, The Wire has been able to move forward by uniting the wires of evidence and uncovering a major operation, step by step to mislead the public debate in the world’s largest democracy. He was referring to a coalition of working public and private authorities.
This was done on almost all major social media platforms by promoting fictitious trends and hijacking debates at their own pace.

Four dangerous features of the app

The screen cast and screen shots of ‘Tech Fog’ provided by the sources pointed out its various features and helped The Wire team to get a closer look at the working structure of Cyber ​​Troops.
The cyber army uses the app on a daily basis to influence public opinion, harass independent voices, intimidate and disseminate one-sided information in India.
1One of the main tasks of this app is to hijack the trending section of Twitter and the trending section of Facebook.
This feature is used to spread right wing propaganda widely, to deliver this content to a wide and diverse segment of the platform user. In this way, the popularity of extremist rhetoric and political movements is exaggerated.

One of the main tasks of this app is to hijack the trending section of Twitter and the trending section of Facebook. (Photo: Forbes)
2: This app does another dangerous job. It allows private operators to hijack inactive WhatsApp accounts of ordinary citizens and send messages to frequently contacted or all numbers using their phone numbers.
It is also used by operators to steal the private information of targeted users and add it to cloud-based political databases.
3: The app’s screenshots and screencasts reveal a detailed and dynamic cloud database of ordinary citizens, based on their occupation, religion, language, age, gender, political affiliation and even their physical characteristics. Rated on
4: The most important feature of this app is that the app operators can delete or change all the existing accounts on instant notice. This means that they can destroy all their past activities that could prove their guilt.


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