Bhopal Rain News update; Rainfall Likely In Madhya Pradesh Capital Today | 2.30 night it started raining; More than half an inch of water has fallen, 48 hours more drizzle, it will be cold in the day

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Bhopal44 minutes ago

Many districts including Bhopal, Jabalpur and Gwalior of the state have received rain in the night. The rain which started in Bhopal at 2.30 pm is still going on. More than half an inch of water has fallen overnight. It rained heavily for half an hour in some areas. Meteorologist Ved Prakash Singh said that for the next 48 hours, water will fall in Bhopal with thunder and lightning. This will make the day cooler.

two systems together
Another system has become active from today with moist winds coming from Pakistan. It is located in Rajasthan via Pakistan. It will spill water across the state for the next five-six days. There may be rain in Bhopal till January 8 and maximum till 9 January. It’s raining well today and tomorrow. After this there may be light showers.

the night temperature has gone up to 15
There has been a lot of fluctuations in the temperature in Bhopal in the last one week. In the last four days, the mercury has climbed by about 4 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature this month was 9 degree Celsius on the night of 4 January.

Six day move of minimum temperature

Day Temperature
6 January 15.0 °C
January 5 11.6
January 4 09.0
January 3 09.9
January 2 11.0
January 1 12.0

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