Farmers relax now, drive automatic tractors from the app

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The testing of fully automated tractors has begun in the United States, after which the farmers working in the fields will be able to get some relief.

American tractor maker John Deere has made the 44,000-pound giant tractor fully automatic. It does not require a driver to operate, and has been tested for the first time in a 2,000-acre corn and soybean field.

For the past several years, John Deere’s tractors have been offered on a trial basis in various fields and now they have started selling regularly. This saves time and fuel as the tractor moves automatically following the directions given by the app. It bends at the lowest angle and works fast.

Although robot laborers and vehicles are a threat to human jobs, remember that in the United States, Europe and Australia, etc., there is a severe shortage of manpower every year during the harvest season. Even Canada and many European countries provide temporary visas to the workforce of poor countries.

That is why an automatic tractor is considered a gift because it takes a lot of time and manpower to drive a tractor in a vast field.

However, the company’s tractor costs پانچ 500,000, which has been widely criticized. The company is of the view that the entire amount is received from the automatic tractors in a few years. On the other hand, John Deere has also offered to rent tractors.

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