Your mask will tell you if you have corona or not, but how?

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Ever since a global epidemic like Corona spread, scientists around the world have been conducting new experiments. According to a new experiment, your mask will now report the Corona virus itself.

According to the details, Japanese scientists have developed a face mask that can indicate whether you are infected with the corona virus or not. Work has begun on a unique method.

Developed by Japanese experts, these masks start to glow in ultraviolet light when they are exposed to the corona virus, however, this mask has also been tested and the results have been positive.

For this new research and experiment, researchers took antibodies from ostrich eggs and injected them with the coronavirus.

Then when the mass is worn off and the filter is taken out and then a chemical spray is applied on it, which causes the corona virus present on the mask and its filter to glow in ultraviolet light.

According to the report, the study included 32 people who were all infected with the corona virus and all of whose masks began to glow in ultraviolet light.

Japanese researchers want their masks to be available to everyone so that people can use them to identify corona themselves.

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