How are the Pakistanis who took part in the Bosnian war now?

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More than a thousand foreign fighters took part in the former Yugoslav civil war. Pakistanis were among those who came to the aid of Bosnian Muslims. But how are such Pakistanis now?

How are the Pakistanis who took part in the Bosnian war now?
How are the Pakistanis who took part in the Bosnian war now?


Published: 07 Jan 2022, 6:40 AM

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These fighters from around the world had arrived in the former Yugoslavia in private to help the so-called jihad or the Muslims of Bosnia. These fighters fought in the war against Serb and Croat forces. The majority of Pakistanis who arrived in Bosnia were of British descent born in Britain.

The young fighters arrived in Bosnia after learning of Serb military aggression against Muslims in the former Yugoslav wars. According to local Bosnians fighting against Serb and Croatian forces, these foreign fighters did take part in the fighting, but in very small numbers. Therefore, they could not play a significant role in the war, but the presence of these fighters gave the Serb army an opportunity to propagandize against Bosnian Muslims. That is why the Serb military at the time called armed resistance by the local Muslim population in Bosnia a fight between radical Muslims and claimed that Bosnian Muslims wanted to impose Islamic Sharia law in the Balkan region.

Evidence of this propaganda can be found in the fact that the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia was established at the International Criminal Court in The Hague at the end of the war in the former Yugoslavia and war crimes against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. When the trial began, Miloshevich frequently mentioned the involvement of Pakistani fighters in the war in the former Yugoslavia. He constantly tried to convince the court judges that the Bosnian Serb army was then fighting radical foreign Muslim fighters.

Zinsa, an industrial city on the border of Central Bosnia and the Republic of Serpska, was a stronghold of Pakistani militants. From here, Pakistani and Pakistani-born British Muslim fighters carried out operations against the Bosnian Serb army. At that time there was a fierce battle in and around the Republic of Serpska and Sarajevo. Serbian forces besieged Sarajevo for four years, and Pakistani fighters fought in the area.

How are these Pakistani fighters now?

After the end of the Bosnian war, some Pakistanis married local Bosnian women and they still live in Bosnia. Some Pakistanis were killed in the fighting and no one knows the exact number. Many Pakistanis with dual citizenship then returned to the UK.

Three friends from Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, also came to the former Yugoslavia to take part in the fighting. Two of them still live in Bosnia. His third accomplice is serving a 22-year sentence in a US prison. When he returned to Pakistan from Bosnia, he was arrested by the Pakistani government and handed over to US authorities.

Abu Abdullah, a former Pakistani fighter living in Bosnia (his real name has been withheld at his request) told DW in Sarajevo: “I am from Karachi, we were three friends when the former Yugoslavia Things got worse, so we came to Bosnia in late 1991. The war started here in 1992. The Muslims were just getting ready to fight when the war started.

What happened then?

Recalling the past, Abu Abdullah said, “Serbs started massacring Muslims here in early 1929. Many people, including me, took part in the war here. Muslims from all over the world came here to fight. In 1929, Sarajevo was about to fall into the hands of the Serbs. Then Muslims from all over the world helped and the Serbs retreated. Many Pakistanis from different parts of the world came here to take part in this war. The largest number of them were Pakistanis of British descent.

Abu Abdullah is still in Bosnia and still faces travel bans against him. “Despite the passage of time, I am almost banned from traveling to Croatia, the Republic of Serbia and Serbia, a few hundred kilometers away.” ‘

He regrets the manner in which Abu Abdullah’s other Bosnian comrade was imprisoned based on his past. ” ۔ Any violation of international law is severely punished, and once you become a fighter and take part in another country’s war, you have to pay the price for the rest of your life, “Abu Abdullah told DW. Another Bosnian friend was released.

Abu Abdullah says that those who fought on the front lines during the war were foreigners like him. But what did they get in return for this fight other than the sanctions against them? Regarding this, Abu Abdullah says, “The government here respects us, takes care of us. We have no problem except travel restrictions. As a result, we’re still in Sarajevo. “

Abu Abdullah and a friend accompanying him from Karachi are apparently free, but local security agencies are keeping a close eye on them. The government has allowed Abu Abdullah to run a restaurant and now spends most of his time running that restaurant.

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