“Backpacking granny”, from the age of 65 she dedicated herself to traveling the world

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This woman wanted to know many corners of the world for the rest of her life, and at the age of 65 she began this beautiful journey.

Last update: January 06, 2022

Kandy García Santos, known as the “backpacker granny”, has shown that we can always make our dreams come true. And is that when he was 65 years old he decided to take a break from work to go on a trip. Since then, everything changed and she realized that there was no going back after making this decision.

Kandy’s life since then has been rewarding and inspirational for people of all ages. Those who have known his story have been fascinated, as this is clear proof that whoever wants can. This way it is easier to see that it is possible reach the goals that we want and that, on many occasions, the limits are only drawn by ourselves.

Get to know the wonderful experience of the backpacker granny and take her experience as a reference to work for what you want, to give you the opportunity to be happy and enjoy life your way.

The backpacker granny, pure inspiration

Kandy is a Spanish woman who trained in Law and who kept practicing her profession in an office, located in Motril, a city on the Costa Granadina. When he turned 65, he made the decision to leave his job for retirement to go on a trip. Perhaps, what was not expected was the great change that his life would have.

They were almost 9 magnificent months traveling the world on his first trip. An experience that was enough for him to realize that this was what he wanted to continue doing forever. After returning from this journey, he assumed the desire to want to continue venturing and transformed his life to give continuity to his journeys.

Nowadays, the backpacker granny is 84 years old and 19 years old knowing different destinations. Thanks to each of the experiences she has had, she took notes that were initially for her granddaughter. However, all this resulted in a book entitled Backpacking Granny: Around the World Solo.

So far, it has traveled more than 70 countries on different continents. However, there are places in South America and Asia that you have visited more frequently. His stays are relatively long, between two weeks and a month, as he prefers enjoy the site fully, without haste.

“Difficulties and fears no longer exist in my mind or in my life.”
-Cándida García-

To fulfill dreams, age is not a limit

Kandy has dozens of stamps in her passport and the satisfaction of achieving what she wanted so much from a young age. And it is that after letting himself be carried away by his young spirit, he was able to turn into facts that illusion that accompanied him throughout the years.

This story reminds us that we will always have the opportunity to return to those dreams that perhaps we abandon because we consider them impossible. You may not have the time or money to do it yet, but there are ways to organize, make decisions and go after the goals we want to achieve.

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