In Chhattisgarhi culture, the festival of Mahadan is very popular.

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of Mahadan in Chhattisgarhi culture

Tihar Hawai is a mess.

Donate in our Chhattisgarhi culture by taking donations, the world has come to Tihar together with the splendours, see that every corner of the people also gave a special donation in the Tihar culture, and then in our Chhattisgarhi culture, there was a trend of donation. Let’s see the things together, Jema used to ask for donations of rice from the house, then my people of the house used to give donations of rice, by doing this, we are sacrificing many calves in our culture. In the form of Mahadan Tihar, the whole of Chhattisgarh is settled.

The life of the farmer was associated with farming, and oh oh, the grains of paddy produced by farming were the property of the farmer, when he came home, the house was filled with happiness and prosperity, he said that when the paddy stock was filled in the house. Farmers became prosperous and they had donated their capacity to this cause, as Mahadan Tihar of rice, the whole of Chhattisgarh was celebrated by taking boats of Chherchera, on the day of Punni of Paush month, young minds lived in village-villages of Chhattisgarh. Donations of rice were celebrated in the form of chherchera of demand, in today’s Bera, sabbo farmers of chhattisgarh were able to make new donations of sabbo koti chherchera. In return for the donation of rice, they celebrated their Tihar by donating Rupiah-Paisa, which was changed to Bera, and it was converted into Tihar, in the present Bera, the Tihar of Chherchera will be limited to village-village, village I kept my mind connected with agriculture and carried on my tradition, but if you leave Teej-Tihar new, then keep my mind on your tradition. In due course, he was able to celebrate new, jekhar le hamar chhattisgarh’s Junna tradition Tihar and Nandaye le le dhar.

young poet litterateur
Anil Kumar Pali
Tarbahar, Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Mo.No:- 7722906664

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