Food Artist Makes Luxury Handbags With Orange Peels Read Full Story Here

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A food artist made a luxury handbag with orange peels

A Jordanian food artist and molecular gastronomist, Omar Saratavi has designed a luxury handbag using Orange Peels. The idea behind this creation is to create high-end luxury products that are also eco-friendly. In a video, Omar told about the process followed to make the goods. He buys the peel and starts processing it through various stages for two weeks. Later, he uses a process called digital fabrication to create the design he wants and then cuts it out using a laser.

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The food artist also told that he has also designed face masks and tents from aubergine leather. Omar explained, “One of the things I am currently working on is to process the leather of fruits and vegetables in new ways, to use it as an eco-friendly material, to turn it into luxury brands. We One can create exceptional products with modern designs through available technologies. I am using it in fashion, accessories, high-end bags and furniture.”

Omar posted some pictures of the luxury handbag on Instagram and also shared some pictures of the product in its making.

People were very impressed by this and praised the construction very much. One user wrote, “Very cool and creative,” another wrote, “Very interesting design!”


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