Good news for cholesterol patients

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Good news for cholesterol patients, experts have found a cure for cholesterol in yam, it can be the best shield even in the changing situation of corona

Cholesterol has become a common disease nowadays and there are cholesterol patients in almost every home who use various sorcery tips to get rid of it, but now they do not have to worry because the experts say that it is cheap and Finding a delicious treat that is readily available.

Yes, we are talking about yam, which is being sold on carts all over Pakistan these days and people are enjoying the gift of winter with gusto.

Yam is also a cure for various ailments with the gift of winter, especially cholesterol patients can now take it as a medicine without any worries.

The British Lipid Association has named yam as the best food medicine to reduce cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke by thickening the blood.

The most important ingredient in yam is fiber which prevents the blood from thickening and its fiber is easily digested and absorbed in the intestines which reaches the blood and starts lowering cholesterol.

According to US experts, a moderate amount of yam provides more than four times the daily amount of vitamin A and boosts the immune system while protecting the heart and kidneys.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, yams are included in superfoods, while certified websites like MD also say that yams can be part of the diet all year round because of their nutrients.

Not only cholesterol but also the carotenoids and various types of oxidants present in yam have the potential to protect against cancer and parasitic diseases. In addition to vitamins B, C and D, it is also rich in calcium, steel, phosphorus and thiamine. ۔

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