By starting the business of making baby diapers, you can earn bumper.

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Probably everyone will be well aware of Baby Diaper because even if they are bachelors and do not have children of their own, but the society and kinship in which they live. There he may have even fed the children in his lap many times. That’s why almost every adult person is aware that at present diapers are worn by the parents of children so that the clothes do not get dirty with the liquid coming out of their body like faeces, urine etc.

And do not litter during travel or the corner of the house where the child is playing. By the way, in ancient times, baby diapers were not used by parents and their way of handling children also used to be different depending on their lifestyle. But at present, when there is a change in lifestyle and living habits, then wearing diapers has become a necessity.

Although at present, almost every child is clothed with diapers in cities, but in rural areas, there is still a large section that cleans the excreta and urine discarded by children by traditional methods. Although a big reason behind not using Baby Diaper can also be the ability of people to spend on it. Normally a child may need to spend 20-30 rupees on this work in a day.

baby diaper banane ka business

That’s why such people like to wear diapers only while traveling or while leaving the house. And there is no doubt that as the income of people is increasing and they are coming to know about its benefits, the use of diapers is increasing in the same way. Therefore, the demand for diapers is increasing continuously in the domestic market of India.

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What is Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business?

If we talk about Disposable Baby Diaper, it is a great convenience in the modern world to handle small children. This type of disposable diaper has an absorbent pad that is placed between two sheets of non-woven cloth. This pad is specially designed to absorb fluids coming out of the body. In this way it is molded into such a shape so that there is no leakage of any kind from it.

Disposable Baby Diaper is prepared after completing a multi-stage process. In which the absorbent pad is vacuumed and slightly inflated, after which it is attached to a sheet of cloth.

All these ingredients are then combined under an ultrasonic heat process. Elastic is also used on the sides of the diaper to prevent leakage immediately. That is to say, when an entrepreneur is manufacturing such a product and selling it in the market, then this business done by him is called Disposable Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business.

Market Outlook for Baby Diaper:

According to a data, the diaper market in India is growing with 20% CAGR for the last seven years. Although this healthy growth rate is dependent on many factors, but one of the main factors is that millions of children are born every year in India. Apart from this, the disposable income of the people is increasing and the awareness of cleanliness among the people has increased a lot. But despite all this, the rate of use of baby diapers in India is very low as compared to other developed markets.

This is the reason that the manufacturers associated with this business believe that India can become a huge market for disposable diapers in the world in the coming times. This is the reason why people have started seeing expectations in this business and they are constantly striving to make this product more better and economical.

Based on the raw material used in manufacturing baby diapers, they can be divided into categories like Ultra Absorbent Disposable Diapers, Regular Disposable Diapers, Super Absorbent Diapers, Bio Degradable Disposable Diapers, etc. The increasing expenditure on health care and increasing disposable income of the people has increased the demand for diapers significantly.

Apart from this, the habit of maintaining cleanliness and protecting the skin of children from rashes etc. are also the major factors increasing the demand for baby diapers. Rising birth rate, rapid urbanization, improvement in the economic conditions of developing countries, etc. have also played a major role in the growth of the baby diaper industry.

How to start baby diaper making business? (How to Start a Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business)

Although there is no doubt that the biggest and costliest resource in starting the Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business is the baby diaper making machine. There are many machines available in the market for doing this kind of work but keep in mind that their cost can range from lakhs of rupees to crores depending on their capacity.

Therefore, any person who is thinking of starting this type of business may need to spend up to crores of rupees on his business. It is meant to say that only those people can start this business whose financial condition is very good and they are able to invest lakhs, crores of rupees. So let us know how a person can start his own Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business.

1. Select the Location for the Plant

The entrepreneur will also have to choose the place keeping in mind the size, capacity of the machinery, so at least the entrepreneur will need 700-1200 Square Feet space. That is because the entrepreneur will also need a store to store raw materials, store to store finished goods, work space, office space, etc.

Entrepreneur can find a place for his factory anywhere within a radius of 10-20 kms from the main market. But there should not be lack of basic facilities like electricity, water, roads etc. so that the entrepreneur does not face any kind of problem in taking his product to the market. Apart from this, a lease agreement or rent agreement must be made for the rented space.

2. Obtain Required Licenses and Registrations

If the entrepreneur wants, he can also register his Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business as a Proprietorship in the initial phase. This is because the registration of the business is done easily under this and the entrepreneur does not have to do various formalities which have to be done to open a private limited company. Even in some states this type of registration is done online and the entrepreneur does not need to visit any government office.

Apart from this, the entrepreneur is required to take a trade license from the local authority like Municipal Corporation etc., then there is the need for tax registration, current account in the bank, non-objection certificate from the pollution department, Udyog Aadhaar registration, MSME data bank registration, trademark registration etc. Might be possible.

3. Purchase Raw Materials & Machinery

After successful completion of all the procedures related to license, permission and registration, the next step of the entrepreneur should be to purchase raw material and machinery. But the entrepreneur doing Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business has to take special care of one thing that before purchasing the machinery and raw materials, he should get the quotations from different suppliers and then after analyzing them comparatively, he should decide which supplier to buy. Machinery and raw material should be purchased from

Entrepreneur can also take help of various online portals like TradeIndia, Indiamart, Click India, Just Dial etc. to find the supplier. Since the price of the machine used in this business may vary depending on its production capacity. Therefore, the entrepreneur should first choose the machinery according to his budget and then after that he should ask for the quotation of the same machine from all the suppliers.

So that it is easy to compare it later. And as far as raw material is concerned, the main products used in Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business are Pulp, Super Absorbent Polymer, Tissue, Adhesive like Gum, Elastic etc. Since this will be a repeated use material, the entrepreneur can also choose a local supplier for this if he wants.

4. Start Manufacturing Diapers

As we have mentioned earlier that baby diapers are manufactured through various processes. Where the absorbent pad is first inflated to make it more secure. After that it is attached to the top sheet and bottom sheet of non-woven fabric. These components are then sealed through ultrasonic vibration or heat process. And so that the diaper does not leak from here and there, elastic is applied on its sides, which keeps the diaper on the legs, waist etc. and there is no leakage from anywhere.

And when the diaper fits snugly, it prevents leakage of the liquid discarded by the babies and till then the absorbent material in it absorbs that liquid. It is meant to say that after the completion of all types of processes, now the entrepreneur should start manufacturing diapers and keep in mind that there should be no compromise in quality.

6. Earn by Marketing and Selling

One of the good things about Baby Diaper Manufacturing Business is that the entrepreneur does not need to put in much effort to identify his target customer. The house where there are small children can be the potential customer of the entrepreneur, so as far as marketing is concerned, the entrepreneur should market his product through various types of online, electronic, offline methods but since in the initial stage the entrepreneur has There will hardly be much budget to spend in marketing.

Therefore, his main goal should be on how he will be able to sell his product in the market. For this, the entrepreneur will have to go to the grocery stores, other retail stores, medical stores and tell about his product and in the initial phase he will have to lure him with some scheme or more commission so that he shows more interest in selling the product of the entrepreneur.

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