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After weeks of speculation and leaks, Riot Games on Wednesday introduced a new Valorant agent. Neon is a Filipino agent who appears to be a duelist with the ability to conduct and use electricity. According to the movie trailer provided by Riot, the agent can even throw two blue walls together and appears to have the ability to cancel the slide. Several brave professionals took to social media to share their initial opinions on neon. Neon, Tenz Neon, Neon Gameplay Response, Heroic News, Neon Ability, Valorant Pro Neon Gameplay, Shahzam, Scream, Sick, Asuna

Like everyone else, Shahzam too gets mesmerized by the trailer, as Shaurya never fails to impress with his content development. “It’s incredibly exciting to play any agent who loves dynamics,” he commented. He added that “no matter how he is implemented, he will enjoy playing in the ranks.” However, he added:

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Ill’s reactions to her skills were funny. Being a Phoenix man, when he saw Neon’s double-walling ability in the shot, he flaunted it. RIP Phoenix. “No no no, it’s an Overwatch, dude, what am I watching?” They said. “It’s Jet 2.0, but instead of knives, it’s lightning,” he commented on her finale. “Is Riot Trolling?” she added. I believe Riot is trolling.

Fnatic Magnum was one of those who were impressed by Neon’s sliding power. Some players even started comparing it to the COD sliding feature

The 100T Asuna Neon was impressed with the aggressive sporting approach. Enemies overcome his brilliance by his electrification

Due to his jet plays, Tenz already seemed unbeatable. But now that he is going to play the role of Neon, it will be fun to watch. Before I install Jet, maybe someone else will have a chance to play it.

On a similar note, Team Liquid Scream also flaunts Neon abilities and insists on replacing the jet.

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