What are the reasons for preventing Djokovic from entering Australia?

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For tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, the cancellation of the Australian visa could be part of the routine of the Code 19 vaccination rules. But the reasons why the world number one is barred from playing in the Australian Open or entering the country are different.

The Serbian, who has won the Australian Open nine times, was held in a Melbourne detention center following a dramatic visa revocation. This caused a wave of grief and anger among his fans and family.

They also had to spend Orthodox Christmas there on Friday.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Handed over

At least the Australian government’s position on the issue is clear now. According to the report, Djokovic failed to comply with the strict rules for the vaccine for foreign nationals coming to Australia.

Importantly, these laws are more stringent for foreigners trying to cross the border than for Australians who want to be exempt from the Covid 19 vaccination upon repatriation.

One important difference in Australia is that under the guidelines issued by the Australian Technical Advisory Group for Immunization, you can get a temporary exemption from vaccination if you prove that you have been infected for the last six months. Have passed

If you are a foreigner coming to Australia, you cannot do that.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

He could have been excused from playing in the Australian Open by Tennis Australia and the state government of Victoria if he had used the reason as an excuse.

But that is not enough to enter the country.

This is because Tennis Australia has set its exemption standards in accordance with the ATAGI guidelines that apply to Australian citizens.

Homeland Security spokeswoman Karen Andrews said in a statement on Friday that the “waiver granted by the Victorian government to play tennis in the state is very different from the law on entry into Australia.”

“You need a visa to enter Australia, but you also need to meet the entry requirements,” he said. Including negative PCR test for corona and complete vaccination or medical evidence that you cannot be vaccinated.

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Official sources told the national broadcaster ABC that Djokovic had referred to the border authorities a medical exemption on Tennis Australia’s letterhead, which was signed by the organisation’s chief medical officer.

However, he said that this (waiver) has been rejected.

The government says it has already warned Tennis Australia.

In a letter to the media, Health Minister Greg Hunt wrote in November to Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley that players entering Australia would not be exempt from the vaccine due to the recent Code 19 infection.

Andrews said on Friday: “It was designed for tennis Australia. How they gave this (discount), I can not give you any explanation about it. This is clearly a question for Tennis Australia. “

Tennis Australia did not provide further details on the question, although the organization has defended the players’ waiver process.

Tennis Australia said the waiver could be granted through two medical panels under rules set by the Victorian state government.

But the difference between the Australian Open’s Corona exemption rules and Australia’s immigration regulations has affected other tennis players or staff as well.

The Home Secretary has confirmed that two other players or staff participating in the Australian Open are also being questioned.

For Djokovic, his chances of regaining his visa and defending his Australian Open title now depend on the decision of a federal court judge who will hear the case on Monday morning.

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