Simple accessible method of making red oil for pain relief: Will say bye-bye to joint pain:

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Many times there is pain in our knees, waist, back, nerves, and ribs etc. To cure such pain, many types of Ayurvedic oil are available in the market, from which massage is cured by pain. Today I am going to tell you the method of making such oil, which is cheap, easy and accurate and can be made comfortably at home.


First of all, take 40 grams of mint extract, 40 grams of carom seeds and 40 grams of Bhimseni camphor. Put mint ajwain camphor in a clean bottle, shake the lid and keep it aside. After sometime all the three things together will change into liquid form and this is called Amritdhara.

Now take 200 grams of garlic and take off its peels and cut the garlic buds into small pieces and take one spoonful of dry fenugreek clove cinnamon nutmeg, now put 1 liter mustard or sesame oil or castor oil in a pan and heat it. But keep it to heat up.

When the oil is completely hot, take off the oil and keep it to cool down. When the oil cools down completely, put pieces of garlic in it and then put it on the flame and heat it in a high and slow flame, cook the oil so much that the garlic buds and powder turn black after burning.

Take off the oil vessel from the flame and keep it down and in it, 80 grams of Ratanjot (Ratanjot is the bark of a tree, which is the bark of a tree, which cures all skin diseases, wounds, boils, pimples and external use of any medicine does not cause allergies. deti ) it will make the color of the oil red.

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil

When the oil cools down, filter it with a cloth and fill it in a clean bottle. Now mix Amritdhara and 400 ml turpentine oil in this cooked oil and mix it well. Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil is just ready for massage, which you can consume whenever you want.

Hear or not listen to anyone or anyone in life, definitely listen to the lectures of brother Rajiv Dixit ji, this is the person in the whole universe after Swami Vivekananda, who selflessly studied the ocean of knowledge and went on sharing his life.

If you cannot make the above mentioned oil (Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil), then make it and use it.In 250 grams of mustard or sesame oil, grind 7-8 teaspoons of garlic, one teaspoon of carom seeds and cinnamon, cook in this oil on low flame till it burns and after filtering this oil, if possible, apply lukewarm on the whole body during this season.

Homemade – consume decoction

Arjun bark, Sauth, turmeric, fenugreek, cinnamon, chopchini, Vijayasar, carom seeds, all in equal quantities, make a fine powder and mix it with half or quarter teaspoon of this powder and one garlic bud, if you consume garlic then you must use half a glass of milk or Boiled in water, mix jaggery and drink ghee, quarter spoon and jaggery according to taste, 3 times a day.

If you see any problem due to consumption, then WhatsApp message on 9399341299 with photos of all problems, age, weight, length, tongue.To get pain reliever red oil contact-Dr. Jyoti Om Prakash Gupta 9399341299

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