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Namkeen Making Business – Even today, when guests come to our house, sweet and salty are definitely given in breakfast. Namkeen is liked by everyone whether it is children or old people. Namkeen is consumed a lot in India. especially weddings, Namkeen is definitely consumed in birthday parties or any kind of celebrations. Although some branded company’s namkeen is available in the market, but apart from this, local brand’s namkeen is also used very much.

The business of making snacks is considered to be a very successful business in India. There are also some companies that started making namkeen from their own home and today they have their name brand. So if you also want to do some profitable business, then you can do salt making business.

place for namkeen business

If you want to start the business of making snacks from home, then for this you can start with less space in the beginning. Where there is a place for keeping and operating the machine and packing etc. You have to take a place where electricity , There should be full facility of water and transport.

Which machines are needed for making salty?

If you want to start namkeen making business from home then you need some machines using which you will be able to run namkeen making business well. which machines you will need , We are going to tell you in detail about this further.

  • Namkeen Making Machine (namkeen making machine)
  • fryer machine (fryer machine)
  • mixer machine(mixer machine)
  • weight machine(weight machine)
  • packing machine(packing machine)
  • Namkeen Making Machine

In Namkeen Making Machine, you get different types of dyes, by changing which you can make many types of Namkeen. You must have seen many types of snacks in the market, they are all made by this machine. Therefore, you can also make many types of snacks according to the demand of the market.

  • fryer machine

With the help of fryer machine, the prepared namkeen is fried. Many people fry the namkeen even with the help of a big pan without using a machine.

  • mixer machine

With the help of mixer machine, oil and spices are mixed in the namkeen. oil to make it spicy and tasty, Spices , Salt ,Peanuts etc. are mixed well so that the taste of namkeen is enhanced even more.

With the help of this machine, the prepared namkeen is weighed in the correct weight. like if you have 100 grams , 250 Gram, 500 If you want to make packets of grams or 1 kg, then with the help of this machine you weigh the salty according to your fixed weight and then it is sent for further packing.

  • packing machine

The namkeen prepared with the help of this machine is put in the packet and sealed completely by air tight. After this the finished namkeen is sent to be sold in the market.

Which raw material is used for making salty and from where can I get it

To make namkeen, you need some essential things, so that you can make many types of delicious namkeen and make a good hold in the market. You can get the raw material for making namkeen from any grocery store. Apart from this, you can get raw material for making namkeen from direct wholesale at even lesser prices. The raw material information for salting is given below.

  • Gram flour
  • refined oil
  • Salt
  • Fine flour
  • Bean lentil
  • Lentil
  • Ghee
  • Spices to make the namkeen even tastier
  • Groundnut

How much to invest for making Namkeen

If you want to start the business of making snacks from home, then you have to invest for it. For this you have to take enough space from where you can operate the machines. , The packing etc. could be done very easily. Apart from this, you also need some main machine for making salt.

To start a namkeen business, you may have to invest at least 2 lakhs including machines and other expenses. If you want to do this business by making salt by hand without using some machines, then you can start it by investing 50 to 60 thousand at low cost.

recruitment of employees

You do not need much employees to start a salty business. If you want to do this business on a small scale, then in the beginning you can start this work with 3 to 4 people, but if you want to start this business on a large scale, then according to your need of people. can increase the number.

License for Namkeen Making Business

You do not need a special license to do this business on a small scale, but if you want to start it on a large scale i.e. by setting up a factory, then you definitely need some license. Since this is a food business, you need a food license. for this you FSSAI license Have to take Simultaneously MSME registration , UDDOG adhar registration And GST You have to get the number. If you want to do business of Namkeen in the name of your company, then you have to trade mark. registration Have to do it too.

Marketing to run Namkeen Business

Although the business of salty is a very running business, but if you are starting a new business, then you can increase your business by marketing your business. You can tell the quality of the namkeen made by you to the people by getting the pamphlet printed, which increases the chances of sale even more.

Apart from this, by making some sample packets in the beginning, distribute them to the houses or shops around you, this will help people to know the quality and taste of the namkeen made by you, so that people will start buying namkeen. If you want, you can publicize your namkeen by taking the help of social media. To run your namkeen business, you can use local shopkeepers like namkeen shop. , You can sell namkeen to them by contacting places like grocery shops or hotels and restaurants.

Apart from this, you can also sell your namkeen by contacting many wholesale namkeen shops. If you want to sell namkeen under your own brand name, then you can open your own shop and sell it.

how to make brine

Before starting any business, it is very important to know its complete process, only then you will be able to run that business smoothly. To make namkeen, first of all, salt and oil are mixed well in the raw material i.e. gram flour and then with the help of water, it is mixed and made round. Now this round is put in the namkeen making machine, after which the fryer machine is kept on the fire and oil is poured into it.

Now fry the prepared namkeen with the help of fryer machine. If you want to put peanuts or lentils separately in this, then fry them too. After this, with the help of mixer machine, oil in the namkeen , Mix spicy spices and salt. Now according to your need, make the right weight with the help of weight machine and then pack it with the help of packing machine. Now your namkeen is completely ready to go in the market.

Some important things related to the business of namkeen

  • Take full care of cleanliness while making salty.
  • Take care that nothing falls in the namkeen, otherwise the quality of the namkeen may deteriorate.
  • The packing should always be air tight so that air does not get into the namkeen, otherwise the namkeen will not taste good.
  • Pay close attention to the quantity and quality.
  • Always fresh raw material (gram flour), Fine flour, use oil etc.) , Do not use raw material lying for a long time, it may spoil the quality of the namkeen.
  • Prepare as much brine as needed.
  • Take the necessary license to run the business of Namkeen so that you do not have to face any difficulty in this business going forward.
  • Make different types of delicious namkeen so that people like your namkeen food more.

Profits from Namkeen Making Business

There is good profit in the business of namkeen, if you initially keep a margin of 5% to 10% on a packet, then you can earn good profit according to the sale, you just have to take care of the quality.

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