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PUBG New State adding the most electric vehicle in the world

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PUBG New State adding the most electric vehicle in the world: New State is an imaginative version of an original PUBG formula. Bugatti’s Rimac Nevera is a revolutionary electric hypercar -the fastest car globally. It’s the perfect combination.

In the video teaser released, the flashy, fast car will be coming into New State in the mobile game’s first official crossover.

According to the description, it’ll allow players to “rule the streets of Troi” whenever they get behind the wheel.

It’s possible to see some roadkills from the hypercar in a game of royale. But, unfortunately, there’s no timeframe for the arrival of the vehicle.

However, the developer Krafton states that they’re “coming soon.”

The Rimac Nevera isn’t the only thing coming to New State soon.

PUBG New State adding the most electric vehicle in the world

A Jan. patch’s preview has also been released and gives us a glimpse at new content coming the week of 10 January.

A brand new Extreme mode limits the battle royale game to 64 players, with the time limit being 20 minutes for much more intense matches.

The P90 assault rifle will be arriving in the game as well as two new attachments and general balance adjustments to every weapon.

The week ahead also marks the first day of PUBG, the official New State’s first season.

The rankings for the preseason are set to reset. So prepare to get back on track; don’t fret.

You’ll have plenty of Tier points to earn while climbing back up.

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