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Can a smart light or bulb warn of a potential disease by noting human health, important medical symptoms and movements? Now the answer is yes.

It is called Singlead Smart Health Monitoring Lights. This bulb can work with Google Voice Assistant Alexa and can even call an ambulance in case of any problem. This bulb is basically equipped with a type of low cost radar called free frequency modulated continuous view (FMCW) radar.

Thanks to the radar and light bulbs, many people in the house can be viewed, especially at night. The FMCW has a low cost and efficient radar with a range of 2.4 GHz. It can also note movements, speed, respiratory rate, heart rate and pulse. It can even identify a restless person sitting in a car.

All its data is processed in an algorithm at a central location. This dim bulb, which burns at night, monitors the speed of respiration and the quality of sleep in sleep, and even the process of changing aspects from anxiety.

The radar with this bulb can also be connected to Wi-Fi. That’s how we can call FMCW a bulb-like nurse.

However, nothing has been said about its sale and price.

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