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Pakistan is one of the countries where the Corona epidemic was less severe than other countries and the government of Pakistan had taken better measures to combat it. However, the epidemic is spreading once again.

Corona epidemic spreads rapidly in cold weather and that is why Pakistan is once again affected by it. In the last 24 hours, 298 cases of Corona have been reported and after about six months, the rate of positive cases has reached 5-7%. ۔ The new type of coronavirus, Omecron, continues to spread, and so far 31 patients have been confirmed to have Omecron, and surprisingly, 60% of them are women.

According to the details, in the recent increase in Corona cases, the total number of Omekron variants has reached 242.

According to experts, the main reason for the spread of the new type of corona omecron in women is not completing the vaccination on time or using it cheaply.

Principal Sims Medical College Professor Tayyaba Wasim said that Corona vaccine does not have any harmful effects on pregnant and lactating women mothers.

He further added that people over the age of 30 must take booster doses to prevent corona virus so that antibodies against amygdala can be increased.

On the other hand, a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Anti-Corona was held under the chairmanship of Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat. Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid also participated through video link. Expressing good wishes, it should be noted that the corona test of the provincial health minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid has come positive and he is in quarantine.

The meeting was attended by Provincial Minister Hashim Javan Bakht, Special Assistant Hassan Khawar, Chief Secretary, IG Punjab, Additional Chief Secretary Home, Secretary Primary Health, Secretary Specialized Health and Secretary Information.

While all the commissioners and deputy commissioners attended the meeting through video link. During the briefing, it was informed that 50% of the people across Punjab have been vaccinated and by the end of this month, 60% of the people will have been vaccinated.

Provincial Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid said that the health department has taken all necessary steps to deal with any kind of emergency in Punjab and has increased its capacity.

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