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This week, the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán held a series of meetings with businessmen and representatives of the markets to be able to face the post-frozen prices. Thus, a new “batch” of Care Price products will begin to take place in the shelves as of January 8, the date on which the price freezing program ends.

It is about 1,300 products that will replace the previous 1,400 – although many will remain within the new regime. There were changes in 300 articles-. They will belong to the program throughout 2022, and it is expected that there will be monthly or quarterly reviews with a 6% quarterly or 2% monthly increase schedule, depending on the type of product.

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The products on the new list will have several changes compared to the previous one, most of them at the request of the companies that presented the numbers to the Secretary of Commerce showing how the freezing of certain brands and first-line products affected their profitability. Despite this, the Government wanted the first brands to continue to have a strong presence within the assortment of the list, which is why many were maintained despite the requests of the company executives.

It should be noted that the objective of Nación was to reach an agreement between the executive and the business sectors to draw up a price list together and not unilaterally.

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