Twitter introduces tick-tock video reaction feature

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Social networking and microblogging platform Twitter has introduced a tick-tock video reaction feature for testing.

Twitter has introduced this feature on a trial basis only for users with the iOS operating system, which will allow them to create videos while responding to any image, video or tweet.

According to the company, when a user retweets on any tweet, he will be presented with three options, of which 2 will be old (retweet, quote retweet) and the third will be called Quote Tweet with reaction.

When a user selects a tweet and makes a video, the tweet will appear on it. One more important thing is that in order to respond, the video must be shared live. Twitter product officer Sam Howison also shared a video for users to understand and facilitate, saying that in the future the user will have the best opportunity to respond to any tweet.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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