What is the ‘Bully by App’ controversy?

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Bully Bai App Controversy: During the New Year weekend, pictures of many women (especially Muslims) with the caption, ‘Bulli by app news’ may have flooded your Twitter timeline today. If you are wondering what are the pictures and hashtags like #BulliBai #BulliDeals, #SulliDeals, we have got you covered here. Also Read – Bully by App controversy shows how insecure Indian women are on the Internet.

Know here what the Bulli Bai app is and why Indian Muslim women were put up for auction on online platforms. Also read- Bully by app controversy (case) What? The how woman shared how she was put up for sale online.

Bully by app controversy (case) What?

  • Bully Bai is an app developed by a group of Indians (most of them are yet to be identified) from across the country to trick people and make financial gains.
  • The idea behind the app is to put Indian women (mostly Muslim) up for auction and earn money in return.
  • In case you are wondering, these are fake auctions created by cybercriminals to trick users into thinking they got a woman for money. Fortunately, no such actual auction event has been reported so far.
  • In incidents like bully bye, cyber criminals take pictures of popular women, celebs, influencers, journalists etc from the internet and use them for their financial gain.
  • These online scammers steal pictures of these women from their social media accounts and list them on the platform. Hence, it makes it mandatory for women (unfortunately) to always lock their profile or make their profile private.
  • Soon after several posts from the Bulli Bai app circulated on Twitter, the government directed the social media platform to remove such abusive posts with immediate effect.
  • At present, two students have been detained in the Bully By App case, one from Mumbai and one from Bangalore. Additionally, earlier today, a woman from Uttarakhand was also detained in the case.
  • Unfortunately, this is not the first time such an incident has happened. A similar incident happened last year called Sully Deals, which created a stir on the internet. Even in the Sully Deal controversy, photographs of Indian Muslim women were put up for auction.
  • While the bully by app controversy has taken a political turn, there is much more to it. Incidents like these mean how insecure women are on the internet these days, regardless of their religion.

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What is the Bully by App controversy about?

‘Bully Buy’ app Microsoft-owned open software development site GitHub was built on. For the uninitiated, ‘bully’ refers to a derogatory term used in local slang for Muslim women.

Profiles on the app, which included pictures and other personal details of the victims, were being created and promoted without the consent of the women.

The incident went viral when a woman journalist shared a picture of her being sold as ‘deal of the day’ on the Bulli Buy app.

“It is very sad that as a Muslim woman you have to start your new year with this fear and hatred,” the journalist said on Twitter.

Qurtulain Rahbar, a journalist from Kashmir, was also listed in the ‘online auction’.

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What is the Sully Deal?

This was the second attempt in months to harass Muslim women in India by “auctioning” them online. In July 2020, a similar app called “Sully Deals” surfaced, in which several Muslim women were put up for “auction” to online bidders. The app shows profiles of more than 80 Muslim women without their consent – using photos uploaded by them online – and describes them as the “deal of the day”.

The word “Suli” is a derogatory term used to refer to Muslim women.

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Bulli Bai People’s displeasure over app case

The controversy led to social media outrage among several sections of the society including top politicians from all parties.

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi flagged the issue and claimed that she has repeatedly told Union Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav to take a strong stand against “large-scale misogyny and communal targeting of women through platforms like #sullideals”. Action should be taken.

It is a matter of shame that it is constantly being ignored.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said, “Insult of women and communal hatred will stop only when you stand against it in one voice and the year has changed, so change your luck and it is time to speak.”

Action in bully bye app case News

So far, two people have been detained in the Bully Bye App case, one from Mumbai and the other from Bangalore. Apart from this, earlier on Tuesday, a woman from Uttarakhand was also arrested in this case.

Bully Bai controversy: Main accused arrested by Mumbai Police from Uttarakhand – 05 January 2022

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