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“Lebanon’s judges have had enough.” In short, this is the gist of their cry through a statement they issued (Friday), in which they warned that if the judiciary collapses, the entity of nations will cease, stressing that the national responsibility in any country requires the preservation and elevation of the judiciary from demanding claims of any kind.

The judges’ uprising against the political interference led by the “Hezbollah” militia in a crude manner reached the point of threatening the investigation file of the Beirut port bombing crime. The party, along with it and the Amal movement demanded that the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, be removed from the file and an alternative judge be brought.

According to Lebanese sources, the long-awaited cry reflects the presence of great discontent among the judges, and exposes the extent of political pressure exerted on them with the aim of eliminating this authority. The sources warned that unless

Those in power are dealing with the judiciary’s message and cry. The crisis is on the path of complexity and escalation, with mass resignations or strikes and sit-ins, and then an explosion that will lead to a complete collapse.

Despite the importance of the financial and economic dimension, and the collapse of the Lebanese pound, partisan political interventions, obstruction of the work of the judiciary, obstruction of the convening of the Council of Ministers, and the dependence of the state and the people on the interest of a proxy militia are pushing matters to the brink of the abyss.

The sources believed that the investigation file into the port explosion sparked the judicial uprising, in rejection of the political interventions publicly stated by the militia leader, Hassan Nasrallah, when the government and the Supreme Judicial Council demanded an alternative to the judicial investigator, otherwise Lebanon is going towards unhealthy matters – according to his threat. The sources revealed that the deteriorating political and economic situation and interference in the work of the judicial authority prompted a number of judges to submit requests for leave and to search for work outside Lebanon.

In a remarkable statement, the former Lebanese Minister of Justice, Ibrahim Najjar, described the statement of the Lebanese Judges Club as a bold step, because many are not accustomed to the judiciary raising its voice against political interference. quoted him as praising the judiciary’s steadfastness in the face of the political attack in the file of investigations into the explosion of the port, stressing that amending the texts in order to establish the independence of the judiciary is not enough if there are no brave judges who rule only with justice.


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