Vidya Malavade Inspiring Fitness Routine, Yoga Is Her Fitness Secret – Fitness Mantra : 49 of Vidya Malavade looks like 24, let’s tell you her fitness secret

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Vidya Malavade keeps sharing videos and photos on Instagram while doing her yoga.

Vidya Malavade fitness: Actress Vidya Malvade is an actress who is recognized for her brilliant performance in the 2007 film ‘Chak De’. Apart from being a great actress, Vidya Malavade is also a yoga trainer and her fitness routine can amaze anyone. Actually Vidya Malvade is 49 years old but due to yoga and her tremendous fitness routine, Vidya looks only 24 years old. Recently Vidya Malvade has posted a video of yoga on her Instagram account. Seeing the flexibility of Vidya Malavade in this video, the fans are sweating. If you also want to stay fit like Vidya Malvade leaving age behind, then you can follow her fitness routine.

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You too will be stunned to see Vidya Malvade’s flexibility

Bollywood actress and yoga trainer Vidya Malavade often shares glimpses of her fitness routine on Instagram. Seeing Vidya’s fitness routine, one gets the motivation to follow in her footsteps. Leaving age behind, Vidya is an example of beauty and fitness and the secret of her beauty is yoga. Surprisingly, even at the age of 49, Vidya has the ability to keep herself fit. The secret of his fitness is Yoga, which has special importance in his life. If you also want to maintain your glow on your face along with keeping yourself fit, then like Vidya Malvade, you can make yoga a part of your fitness routine. Recently Vidya has posted a video of yoga on her Instagram account, in this video Vidya is seen doing a very tough and modified version of Surya Namaskar.

Vidya Malavade ) fitness regimen of

Vidya Malvade makes sure that she practices yoga daily for about 90 minutes. Vidya Malvade starts her warm up with Suryanamaskar. Yoga is not a new thing for Vidya. Vidya has been doing yoga for about 15 years and due to continuous practice, she can do difficult asanas very easily. Vidya believes that yoga not only brings flexibility but also helps you keep your body in balance as well as strengthen your core muscles. Vidya Malvade believes that there are many health benefits of yoga but no change happens overnight. For this, every person has to make yoga a part of his daily routine. So, as the corona epidemic is once again revolving around us, you can also include yoga in your regular routine by getting inspired by learning to improve your mental and physical health.


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