Hurricanes could wreak havoc around the world, experts say

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Environmentalists warn that hurricanes will intensify in the current century, which will wreak havoc around the world.

According to the foreign news agency, according to the report of environmental experts, with the passage of time, the annual number and intensity of hurricanes are gradually increasing.

The report says that in the past, most hurricanes have been coming to the equator and adjacent areas, but now they are slowly moving north and south.

After hitting the coast, these storms travel hundreds of kilometers on land, whereas in the past they could rarely move so far on land.

The report fears that future hurricanes will intensify in the north, threatening cities including New York, Boston, Beijing and Tokyo, where hurricanes are currently rare.

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The fact that hurricanes move north-south beyond the equator is proof that extreme heat is no longer confined to or near the equator but is reaching places far beyond the equator. Colder areas are considered.

Experts warn that these storms have already begun. Hurricane Alpha, which wreaked havoc on Portuguese soil, and Hurricane Henry, which reached the US state of Connecticut, are both far from the equator. This indicates that the potential catastrophe that experts are fearful of has begun.

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