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Mexico and many parts of the world are today convulsed by various crises: health, environment, economy, inequality. People are increasingly sensitive and suffer social divisions often encouraged by leaders who should promote the opposite, togetherness and brotherhood. One of the most complex challenges ahead, especially as we enter a new year, is finding a way to work together to create inclusive, resilient, just and participatory communities. Fortunately, there are not a few people who are already working on this, and who are implementing innovative ideas to achieve a real and positive impact in their environments of influence.

Among the tools that we can use to make this task successful is undoubtedly the ability to establish a dialogue, but that is authentic, inclusive, that takes the best and what is positive about each way of thinking, each opinion, every perspective. Along the way, it is possible to find specific and complex challenges that must be faced and never evaded, which will surely require the implementation of innovative solutions. It is necessary to find the points where all the topics of each interest group coincide, and focus on them by carefully analyzing the ideas, challenges and lessons learned.

An element that is very relevant in the construction of communities is the power to have in cities a robust system of public spaces that promote their intensive and frequent use, with the consequent result of greater social and generational integration, which contributes to reducing racial, economic, gender gaps and other inequalities.

Parks, urban corridors and public space in general, is essential to guarantee the health and physical, mental and emotional well-being of people. However, all too often we find that these spaces are not fully accessible or frankly hospitable, nor are they welcoming to receive all people, regardless of gender, age, physical abilities or socioeconomic level.

We need to design, build and operate spaces that guarantee equal access to nature, through sites that are inviting, inclusive and safe, that offer opportunities for simple distraction, or even for the relief of any physical, emotional, spiritual or mental disorder. .

The public space also offers the opportunity to lead an emotional, vibrant civic life, full of artistic and cultural expressions, but above all it is the most evident and genuine manifestation of a truly healthy democracy. Parks have the immense potential of becoming the valid support for the generation of prosperity and quality of life for all the inhabitants of a city, who more than just citizens, aspire to become solid links in a harmonious and sustainable community.

If today we work to strengthen the fabric of the organizational, social, political, economic, health and environmental infrastructure, we will be a resilient community and we will be better prepared for a firmer and faster recovery from any other future crisis that could hit us.

Raúl Asís Monforte González.


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