The fate of a young Pakistani immigrant shines in Abu Dhabi

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A Pakistani immigrant won a prize of 100,000 dirhams in a safe lucky draw in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Asim, a Pakistani citizen, also tried his luck in the weekly edition of Mahfaz Lucky Draw and found life-changing happiness on the day of his birth.

This is the third time in a safe draw that an immigrant has won the prize money.

Asim, 25, an immigrant from Pakistan, lives in Abu Dhabi and works in real estate.

After winning the prize money of one lakh dirhams, Asim said that there is no place for his happiness. What could be bigger than this on his birthday.

“I needed more money to grow my real estate business,” Asim said.

Asim, a Pakistani immigrant, said he was in his office at the time of the draw and was watching the draw online, along with seven other colleagues.

Asim said that when my name was mentioned for one lakh dirhams, my companions and others started dancing.

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