Mother toasts at Christmas and New Year where her son died 22 years ago

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This mother celebrates Christmas and New Years in a special way to always keep in mind the memory of her son. Discover the history!

Mother toasts at Christmas and New Year where her son died 22 years ago

Last update: January 06, 2022

Christmas and New Years are special days that are characterized by being lived as a family. For that reason, while some share dinner with their families, other people take time to remind their loved ones who are sadly gone.

Well, with this ritual they find a way to feel close to their loved ones again for a moment. This is what happens to Cecilia Centurión, a 79-year-old Paraguayan mother who pays tribute to her son every year.

This consists of making a toast in memory of your son in a certain corner of the city. This is because unfortunately 22 years ago the man lost his life in that place when he was in his car and crashed into a tree.

In addition, he is also dedicated to decorating the tree in which his son crashed. Well, that is the way he has found to show her love and convey that for her her life will always be illuminated just like Christmas.

The event went viral on social media after journalist Tai Ocampo published a photo of the woman toasting on the street in the company of another woman. This since it seemed interesting to him the way in which they commemorated the night.

Revealing the truth of the mother

Like the journalist, other media were struck by the situation. That way, They set out to contact the lady to ask her the reasons why she was doing it.

A) Yes, He told society through the microphones that he did it to enhance the memory of his son. Well, in 1999 he had lost his life in that corner of Asunción.

He also revealed that it was a way to keep alive the illusion that his son caused those dates. Well, he showed unbeatable happiness when he celebrated them.

For this reason, the mother states that with this ritual she feels that she is celebrating a moment with him. As a result, He attends with a wine to toast and a candle to ask that his soul be always calm.

In addition, he finally commented that since the year of his death he has attended without fail during all the nights of Christmas and New Years. In the same way, He made it clear that he will continue to do so until the end of his days because he wants the bond with his son to last forever.

Final reflection

The love of a mother is infinite and unbreakable, for that reason, it does not weaken even if her child is no longer alive. Conversely, they continue to find the resources so that affection increases day by day.

In the same way, the death of a child is the hardest moment a mother can live. This because of they are his whole life and that link He will never compare himself to anyone else.

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