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Top 5 must-see spots in Free Fire’s new alpine map: In Free Fire, players can choose from a variety of map options, including the classic Bermuda map or the action-packed Kalahari map for a diverse battle royale experience. With the new 2022 update, Garena has added a new map called Alpine, which is covered with snowy mountains and forests and is the first winter map. Now that you know a few things about the alpine map in Free Fire, let’s take a look at some of the must-see places off the map on your next alpine trip.

Top 5 must-see spots in Garena Free Fire’s new alpine map

  1. snow

Contrary to its name, this area is usually covered with snow, but it is also surrounded by houses full of loot. However, fighting is also more likely due to the abundance of loot in the region. Hence, this place is perfect for the racers. A high advantage can be obtained from the snowfall area as it has a lot of cover, which can be used to ambush enemy teams.

  1. Rail

The railroad area is mainly plundered at the two major stations, but much of it is open area. There are two sniping positions from which players can cover the entire area. Meanwhile, trains and containers carry loads of loot, but fewer cover points. In addition, the railroad area does not offer any zip lines, however, it is equipped with a limited number of vehicles. In addition, two vending machines are available at each station.

  1. dock

A ship dock is a featured area with lots of loot and cover. Many containers are used as loot areas and cover locations. Additionally, there are several blind spots from which enemies can ambush. Three major loot areas are located at the dock: the warehouse, the ship, and the ship’s hangar. All three areas offer good cover and loot for the squad. Although there is no high ground, there are splatters scattered around the map.

  1. mouth

The mouth is a residential area, with houses located close together, so the player can easily search the buildings for the loot they need. However, they will need to proceed with caution, as there could be enemies along the way.

  1. Vantage

The vantage area is made up of several structures with wide roads connecting them. Atop a long warehouse in the center of the gate is a large radar, an important position for controlling the area.

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