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Friends, in today’s article, we have written you an essay on Lohri festival of Punjab in Hindi. This article is for those students who are currently studying in school, college or any university. We have explained all the information about Lohri in detail in this article. Read the complete article to know about it.

Let’s start – Essay on Lohri Festival Lohri Festival Essay in Hindi

Introduction (Essay on Lohri Festival of Punjab – 1200 Words)

We all know that Lohri is a very famous festival of Punjabi people. by the way in India Everyone celebrates this festival but it is celebrated with great gaiety especially in western and northern India. In North India like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu Lohri is celebrated with great gaiety and enthusiasm.

Since the festival of Lohri is very special for Punjabis, therefore Punjabis living in different places in the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. The Lohri festival is celebrated by Sindhi people as Lal Loi. In India, it is also celebrated with great pomp in some northern states like Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, but it is most recognized in Punjab.

When is Lohri? When is Lohri?

According to the Hindu calendar, Lohri is usually celebrated on 13 January every year. That is, it is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti. People believe that this festival signifies that the month of Magha is about to begin according to the Hindu calendar. Hindu Month Paush which is the coldest month of the year is about to end. This is the reason that many people celebrate this festival as Maghi festival.

Significance of Lohri Festival in Hindi

Lohri Lohri winter season indicates the end. Therefore, it is a seasonal festival which is celebrated at the time of Makar Sankranti at the end of winter season. It is also an important festival and day for farmers.

You all would know that Lohri is mainly a festival of Punjabis because people believe that this festival was a Punjabi whose name was Dulla Bhatti. It is celebrated in his memory. By the way, there are many other reasons to celebrate Lohri, which we have explained in detail below.

By the way, Punjabis celebrate this festival every year on 13th January with full enthusiasm and gaiety. Many people also believe that this festival is celebrated on the day when the days become shorter and the nights longer. This festival india It is celebrated everywhere in India but many people celebrate this festival with different names.

Like Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Makar Sankranti, in Karnataka and Bihu in Assam Celebrate as. Apart from this, people of Sindhi community celebrate this festival as “red dough” and Punjabi people celebrate it as Lohri.

Lohri Traditional Song

‘Beautiful beauties, yes
Think of you, yes
Dulla Bhatti Wala, yes
Dulle di dhi wiey, hoe
Ser Shaker Pie, Hoe’

History and Story of Lohri History of Lohri Festival

If we talk about the faith of the people, then people give many reasons behind celebrating Lohri. If seen on the basis of Puranas, then people also believe that it is remembered every year as renunciation of Sati and this festival is celebrated.

According to this story, Prajapati Daksha married Sati’s husband. mahadev shiva Prajapati Daksha’s daughter i.e. Mahadev’s first wife, Sati, had surrendered herself to the fire of that yagya, for not including her community in this Mahayagya.

After this, the festival of Lohri started being celebrated every year on this day. And for this reason, gifts were given to the married daughters of the house and were also invited for food.

Apart from this, there is another historical story behind celebrating Lohri. It is known as Dulla Bhatti. Most people recognize this historical story behind the belief of Lohri. This story is from the reign of Akbar.

When Akbar used to rule many other states including Punjab. In those days a Sardar named Dulla Bhatti lived in Punjab province. People believe that he was the messiah of poor people like Robinhood and he used to rob the rich to help them. He used to distribute the looted money among the needy. This was the reason that people considered him as the hero of Punjab.

People believe that apart from robbing the rich, he also saved Hindu girls who were forcibly brought to the slave market of Punjab. Also, those Hindu girls were married with Hindu boys according to Hindu customs and were also given dowry.

by the way Dulla Bhatti Was a dacoit but by his works for the poor, he became the hero of all Punjabis. This is the reason why the word Dulla Bhatti has been used in every other Lohri song. And perhaps this is the reason why people celebrate Lohri in their memory.

Some people also believe that the word Lohri is derived from “loi”, which is great saint kabir was the name of his wife. Also some people believe that the word Lohri is derived from “loh” which is the instrument used to make chapatis.

How is Lohri festival celebrated? How Lohri is Celebrated?

We all know that Lohri is a special festival of Punjabis, but this festival is celebrated with pomp like any other festival all over India. Like every festival, all the members of the house and friends gather together. Happiness And also celebrate this festival with enthusiasm. On this day people distribute sweets.

On this festival people go to the fire and while singing and dancing Punjabi Lohri around the fire people throw jaggery, revdi, sugar-candy and sesame in the fire.

On the occasion of this day, people organize worship ceremonies in their homes in the evening. At this time, people worship and do circumambulation and seek blessings from God. According to their customs, on the day of Lohri, people eat mustard greens, jaggery, gajak, sesame, groundnut, phuliya and other food items like corn bread with prasad.

Apart from this, people wear new clothes on this day and also do Bhangra, which is a dance of the people of Punjab. For the farmers, this day is considered to mark the beginning of the new financial year. Because Farmer On this day they bring their crops home. This festival is celebrated more in Punjab and Haryana. And this day is also celebrated as New Year.

Modern form of Lohri festival

In earlier times people used to celebrate this by giving Gajak gifts to each other but with the change of time people also changed. In this modern time, people consider giving chocolate and cake gifts instead of Gajak.

Like before, people still celebrate this festival with great pomp, but with the passage of time many changes have come. mobile to congratulate people and access to the Internet does. Congratulation messages are sent to each other through WhatsApp and mail.

Apart from this, people have become more aware about the increasing danger of environment due to increasing pollution, so they prefer not to light bonfire. Now people avoid cutting trees and plants to light the bonfire on Lohri. by which our environmental protection And for this people celebrate Lohri by planting trees on this day.

Hope you have liked the essay on Lohri festival, Lohri Festival Essay in Hindi.

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