What is the full form of OK, how did the word OK originate?

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In today’s article we will know thatwhat is the full form of ok How the word OK originated You might not know how many times a day you use Ok but you probably know its full form. It will not happen because only then you have come to read this article, it is not only you but there are many people who do not know the full form of Ok. Because we use such small words many times in a day.

And never pay attention to them, but such small words that we need to know the full form Ok word is second most spoken in India, the word OK is used a lot in India, but in India as well as in other countries Even in this, the word Ok is used a lot.

In today’s article, we will discuss the word Ok in detail, we will see inside this article what is the full form of the word Ok and where do we use this word and when was the origin of the word OK. We will discuss all the points in detail, so let’s see.

what is the full form of ok

If we talk about the full name of OK then the full form of OK All Correct But you would think that there is AC inside All Correct and O and K inside OK, so the word All Correct is made up of all correct, so in this way the full form of OK is All Correct.

The word Ok is used in India as well as in all other countries and every person uses the word OK, you must have seen almost everywhere that the person who cannot speak English also uses the word Ok because The word Ok is also easy to speak and the meaning of the word Ok is known to every person nowadays.

what is the full form of ok

Other full forms of the word OK

If seen, the word OK does not have only one full form, there are some other full forms of the word OK, so let’s see them too.

  1. All correct
  2. Okay
  3. Objection killed
  4. Objection knock
  5. All clear

ok full form in hindi

Meaning of the word Ok Everything is fine It happens that we have started using OK words in most places except Hindi nowadays, whenever we want to say to someone, then we use OK word there because nowadays the word OK has become common in a way and its Meaning every person knows, so we use the word OK everywhere.

And the biggest reason for using the word OK so much is that first the word OK was used jokingly and you know how much we like it when a word is used in a joke. In this way, slowly everyone started liking the word OK and slowly the word OK started being spoken the most.

how did the word ok originate

The word Ok originated in America and the word Ok originated in the 19th century, the history of the word Ok is about 180 years old. It is believed that the word OK originated from the pronunciation of the wrong word, but the origin of the word Ok has been in the form of satire. That’s where Ok originated.

The word ok was first pronounced in 1839 AD, it was first used jokingly, on 23 March 1839, the word oll correct was used inside an article, which we use today as ok.

Where is the word Ok used?

We can use the word OK in many ways, so let’s see where OK is used.

to know the latest

  1. I’m ok
  2. you are ok
  3. My all is going well.
  4. The condition of my phone is absolutely fine.
  5. Is your car ok?

to make a statement

  1. Ok let’s see after doing this work too.
  2. get the work done on time ok
  3. I’ll sing it in Ok.
  4. you work ok
  5. tomorrow you be ready ok
  6. We are going to visit tomorrow Ok

to give consent

  1. can i take your bike You can take ok.
  2. Will you go for a walk tomorrow? – Ok I’ll go.
  3. may i have your notebook? – OK take it.
  4. Can I get a new phone can you – ok.

We use the word ok in all these places and in all these places we need the word ok.

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