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Vacation Luigi takes Mario Kart Tour to Singapore

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Vacation Luigi takes Mario Kart Tour to Singapore: Mario Kart Tour will be returning to Asia this Wednesday. Vacation Luigi and the rest of the crew will fly to Singapore for their next race.

It called Singapore Speedway; Luigi and his companions will be racing and flying throughout Singapore, an Asian city.

Barrel-shaped pumps, a high hill, a speedy highway, and a falling down drop-down area await. The players when Singapore Speedway is a part of Mario Kart Tour this week.

There are two new costumes available for the players to choose from. Vacation Luigi is dressed to enjoy a vacation in the sun in his white business shorts, appropriately colored green glasses, and a stuffed with mushrooms Hawaiian shirt.

The suitcase even decorated that has a Singapore logo printed on it. Also, we’ll be getting the purple Koopa Troopa with an adorable backward-facing hat for the game.

This isn’t the only time that Mario Kart Tour has taken players from all over the globe.

Vacation Luigi takes Mario Kart Tour to Singapore

Some stages have inspired by London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, and Vancouver.

Of course, there are also iconic stages that we all know and appreciate in the console’s mainline games, such as Mario Kart 64’s Frappe Snowland and Kalimari Desert.

The city-based stages in Mario Kart Tour usually reference the famous landmarks in the city in question, and it’s fascinating to players to see what features the developers have added every map update.

If the rumor that Mario Kart 9 is still in development. It will be fascinating to see how Mario Kart 9 for mobile and the coming Switch exclusive can coexist.

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