Cyanoform’s new protein-coded vaccine provides better protection against omecron

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Chinese company Synoform says its new protein code 19 vaccine provides better protection against the new strain of the corona virus, Omecron.

The new vaccine is based on parts of the corona virus spike protein and has been approved for use as a booster dose in the UAE.

A study of 1,800 people in the UAE found that 6 months after using 2 doses of the old inactivated vaccine cyanoform, the new vaccine was used as a booster dose to compete with antibody activity against omecron. I increase 7 times.

The new study comes amid concerns about the efficacy of the cyanoform vaccine against omecron.

Different technologies were adopted for the preparation of NVSI 06-07 protein vaccine as compared to BBIBP CoreV.

The vaccine used corona virus spike protein to better identify and fight the virus.

According to experts, this technology will provide protection against various types of corona.

The study found that 192 months after the cyanoform vaccine was administered to 192 healthy people as a booster dose of the new vaccine, the levels of antibodies against omecron were significantly increased.

According to research, this will give people more protection against the disease caused by omekars.

In the UAE, the new vaccine will be available to people over the age of 18 who have been using two doses of the cyanoform vaccine for more than six months.

The results of this study have not yet been published in any medical journal but have been published on an online preprint server.

Earlier, on December 20, Chinese experts released the results of the effects of the third dose of the old cyanobacterial vaccine on omecron.

A joint study by Shanghai Jiaotang University and the Institute of Infectious Diseases found that a third dose of cyanoform could help produce only 20% of the antibodies against omecron.

According to experts, the efficacy of cyano form vaccine on omecron type is very low compared to the first type of corona and the third dose 9 months after the second dose does not make much difference.

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