‘People on other planets will go blind’

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Scientists have warned that spending too much time in space could potentially harm the human eye, while astronauts have complained of blurred vision after space travel.

Scientists say that if humans were able to settle on other planets in real life, they could become blind like bats.

According to experts, the astronauts felt the need for spectacles to return to Earth after the space mission.

Since then, experts have investigated the effects of the brain and gravity on the light of the eyes, and they fear that in the future, the human space colony may have to live with permanent blurring.

Scientists analyzed the Space Flight Associated Neurovascular Syndrome (SANS) and compared brain scans before and after space travel.

They claim that the longer astronauts live in space, the more they complain about blurred vision and vision problems when they return to Earth.

Mark Rosenberg of the Medical University of South Carolina in the United States says, “This analysis has reached the point where astronauts actually have extra pairs of glasses when they go into space.”

“They know their eyesight is going to get worse there.”

Earlier, a former NASA chief had said that Mars could be made habitable for humans by creating a magnetic field around the red planet (Mars).

According to Dr. Jim Green, Mars is the most habitable candidate of all the planets in the solar system.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has long been instrumental in making humans a “multi-planetary” species by landing on Mars.

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