The number of COVID-19 cases in the world has exceeded 303 million. Additional departments for patients are being set up in Europe

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The number of reported cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the world on December 8 exceeded 303, 3 million people, testify data from the American University of Jones Hopkins.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the world after the infection with COVID-19, 5,481,495 people have died.

The leadership in the number of infected and dead from COVID-19 remains the United States, where for all time 59 million 388.6 thousand infected and 836.6 thousand deaths from COVID-19. The second largest number of infected people is India – 35 million 368 thousand people, the number of deaths – 483 463. In third place in the number of cases COVID-19 – Brazil: the country has infected 22 million 328 thousand people, of whom 619,654 died.

In Belarus, according to official statistics Ministry of Health, for the last 24 hours:

  • registered – 1,184 patients with COVID-19,
  • discharged – 1,243 people,
  • 14 people died.

A total of 707,714 people with a positive COVID-19 test have been officially registered in Belarus since the beginning of the pandemic, and 5,699 patients with severe coronavirus infection have died. Mandatory vaccination against coronavirus of children aged 12-17 has been introduced in Belarus.

Omicron in Europe: countries set up additional wards and fear medical shortages

European countries are trying hard to support health systems that are experiencing difficulties due to staff shortages, due to the spread of a new version of the coronavirus “Omicron”, which is more easily transmitted, the agency said. Associated Press.

Minister of Health Great Britain Sajid Javid warned that the number of hospitalizations is growing, and the National Health Service is waiting for “several difficult weeks.” About 200 troops were sent to British hospitals amid an extreme shortage of staff due to staff illness.

France on Wednesday announced a staggering 332,252 cases of coronavirus per day, the highest in Europe in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a single day. French authorities this week began allowing health workers who have been infected with coronavirus but have few or no symptoms to continue treating patients rather than isolate themselves.

Authorities in Palermo (Italy) created support facilities around three hospitals to reduce the burden on the emergency department and allow ambulance crews to quickly place patients on beds so as not to leave them waiting in the parking lot. “We are fully loaded,” said Titian Maniscalici, manager of the Palermo Hospital, adding that hospitals had to set up additional emergency departments in tents because the emergency department’s capacity was insufficient. Italy reports record daily new cases of COVID-19, which reached 219,000 on January 7.

The Netherlands for a few weeks are in a strict lock – this move is aimed at easing the pressure on overcrowded hospitals and gain time for a slow start of the campaign to promote vaccination. Despite the lockdown, the country has reached a record number of infections this week.

Government Greece On January 7, it issued a civil mobilization order, which will take effect on January 12 and oblige some private doctors to support the public health service in the 4 northern regions, where public hospitals are experiencing acute staff shortages.

Leaders Germany agreed on Friday to tighten entry requirements for restaurants and bars and decided to reduce periods of quarantine and self-isolation.

The World Health Organization reported on January 6 that a record 9.5 million cases of COVID-19 were recorded worldwide last week, 71% more than the previous week. However, the number of registered deaths has decreased.


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