BMW introduces the first color-changing car

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German carmaker BMW has unveiled the world’s first ‘color-changing’ car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA.

According to Reuters, the car, called BMWIX Flow, uses electronic ink (e-ink) technology to change its exterior color to white and gray, which is commonly used by e-readers (for online reading). Used tablets).

Stella Clark, a research engineer at BMW, said of the car: We took this material, which is a thick piece of paper, and our challenge was to bring it to 3D model like our cars.

As soon as the electrical signals controlled by the mobile app are received, this material brings different colors to the surface (of the car), due to which the color or design of the car changes, such as oblique stripes on the racing car.

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Stella Clark said that in the future the color can be changed with the button or hand gesture on the car dashboard. According to BMW, no energy is required to change the driver’s chosen color.

The BMW research engineer said: ‘I like to use colors that reflect sunlight. On a very hot day when the sun rises you can change the color to white so that the sunlight can be reflected. And cold days can darken it so that it absorbs heat.

The car, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, could only be gray and white, but BMW says the technology will add many more colors.

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