Clubhouse launches support feature for web listening

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Technology News Desk !!! Social audio platform Clubhouse has announced that it is rolling out support for web listening on its platform. According to Engadget, users living in the US can listen to Replay and Live Room with replay enabled using a web browser. The clubhouse notes that the feature is experimental, so users can expect bugs. However, the company said that it will roll out to more countries if people find it ‘useful’. Likewise, it will consider supporting more room types and other parts of the clubhouse experience over time.

Separately, the company is updating its share sheet. When users are in the guest room, they can tap the Share button at the bottom of the interface to post a link to a session through Clubhouse. When users select the first option, they can add a comment to describe the room. If it’s a live room, followers will get a notification so they can join.


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